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The basic design of the loudspeaker hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years. On the contrary, many materials incorporated in loudspeaker design have improved dramatically. Back in the 50s and 60s, Alnico was the most common magnet used in loudspeakers. However, a shortage in materials and increased costs for Alnico during that time precipitated a shift to the widespread use of the ceramic magnets most of us are familiar with today.

Just before the turn of this century, speaker manufacturers started seriously evaluating the potential benefits of using neodymium magnets in loudspeakers. Although neodymium magnets were expensive, they allowed loudspeaker motors to be as little as half the weight of comparable ceramic magnet motors. Prices of neodymium started coming down and interest in lighter weight speakers grew, as did neodymium speaker options.

Today, Eminence has become the industry leader in neodymium loudspeaker design. The Eminence LA, Deltalite and Kappalite models represent very lightweight, high performance loudspeakers without compromises in power handling, performance or reliability. There are 12 unique models available in our Neodymium Professional series. Each was designed with a specific application in mind. From heavy-duty subwoofers, midranges, and transducers in truncated frames for line arrays, there is an Eminence Neodymium Professional model for your application. Each product comes with a Seven Year Warranty against manufacturer’s defects*. With over 1,200 USA dealers and distributors worldwide, you can easily find them in a store near you.

*Warranty policy may vary outside of the continental United States and Canada. Check with your local distributor for warranty details.

Model Name Image Size Voice Coil Diam. Magnet Wt. Power Rating Sensitivity Spec Sheet
DELTALITE® II 251010"2.5", 64 MM7 OZ.250W97.3 dB
KAPPALITE™ KL3010CX-8 Coaxial Woofer10"3", 76 MM11 OZ.400W92 dB
KAPPALITE™ KL3010HO-810"3", 76 MM11 OZ.400W98.8 dB
KAPPALITE™ KL3010LF-810"3", 76 MM11 OZ.450W92 dB
DELTALITE® II 251212"2.5", 64 MM7 OZ.250W99.9 dB
KAPPALITE™ 3012HO12"3", 76 MM11 OZ.400W100.5 dB
KAPPALITE™ 3012LF12"3", 76 MM11 OZ.450W95.5 dB
KAPPALITE™ KL3012CX-8 Coaxial Woofer12"3", 76 MM11 OZ.400W95.4 dB
DELTALITE® II 251515"2.5", 64 MM7 OZ.300W99.2 dB
KAPPALITE™ 301515"3", 76 MM11 OZ.450W100.8 dB
KAPPALITE™ 3015LF15"3", 76 MM11 OZ.450W98.4 dB
KAPPALITE™ KL3015CX-8 Coaxial Woofer15"3", 76 MM11 OZ.400W96.7 dB