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Alpha 8AEach Eminence American Standard model can be identified by its economical Stamped Steel chassis. Although more affordable than cast aluminum, these frames provide an excellent and versatile chassis. We coat each basket and all metal components with an epoxy-acrylic finish using our in-house e-coat process. We can control the thickness of that coating to within 0.001”; critical when working with close tolerance transducer motor designs. We then add front and rear sealing gaskets on each model to accommodate front or rear loading.

There are 24 unique models available in our American Standard series. Each was designed for versatility in a range of applications. From 6.5-15” models with applications ranging from standard sub-woofers, two-way enclosures, and coaxials, to truncated line array models, monitor woofers, and high performance midranges setting records for output in car audio, no other loudspeaker line provides more choices, power handling, performance, and reliability for the price. As with our Professional series, each product comes with a Seven Year Warranty against manufacturer’s defects*. With over 1,200 USA dealers and distributors worldwide you can easily find them in a store near you.

*Warranty policy may vary outside of the continental United States and Canada. Check with your local distributor for warranty details.

Model Name Image Size Voice Coil Diam. Magnet Wt. Power Rating Sensitivity Spec Sheet
ALPHA 2-8 (2 Pair)2"0.64", 16 MM3 OZ.20W83.8 dB
ALPHA 3-163"0.787", 20 MM8 OZ.35W88.2 dB
ALPHA 3-323"0.787", 20 MM8 OZ.35W88 dB
ALPHA 3-83"0.787", 20 MM8 OZ.30W88.6 dB
ALPHA 4-4 ( Pair )4"1", 25 MM10 OZ.55W88 dB
ALPHA 4-8 ( Pair )4"1", 25 MM10 OZ.55W88 dB
ALPHA 5-85"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.125W89.4 dB
ALPHA-6A6"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.100W93.6 dB
ALPHA-6C6"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.100W93.3 dB
ALPHA-6CBMRA6"1.5", 38 MM16 OZ.100W97.8 dB
BETA-6A6"2", 51 MM30 OZ.175W94 dB
LA6-CBMR6"1.5", 38 MM38 OZ.150W97.8 dB
ALPHA-8A8"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.125W94 dB
ALPHA-8MRA8"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.125W100.9 dB
BETA-8A8"2", 51 MM34 OZ.225W95.1 dB
BETA-8CX8"2", 51 MM38 OZ.250W92.9 dB
ALPHA-10A10"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.150W95.6 dB
BETA-10A10"2", 51 MM34 OZ.250W97 dB
BETA-10CBMRA10"2", 51 MM34 OZ.200W99.6 dB
BETA-10CX10"2", 51 MM38 OZ.250W94.3 dB
DELTA-10A10"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.350W98.8 dB
DELTA-10B10"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.350W98 dB
ALPHA-12A12"1.5", 38 MM20 OZ.150W95.6 dB
BETA-12A-212"2", 51 MM38 OZ.250W98 dB
BETA-12CX12"2", 51 MM38 OZ.250W97.3 dB
BETA-12LTA12"2", 51 MM38 OZ.225W97.7 dB
DELTA-12A12"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.400W98.3 dB
DELTA-12B12"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.400W98.3 dB
DELTA-12LFA12"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.500W94.6 dB
DELTA-12LFC12"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.500W93.1 dB
KAPPA-12A12"3", 76 MM80 OZ.450W99.3 dB
ALPHA-15A15"1.5", 38 MM25 OZ.200W97 dB
BETA-15A15"2", 51 MM34 OZ.300W98.2 dB
DELTA 15LF-415"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.600W95 dB
DELTA-15A15"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.400W100 dB
DELTA-15B15"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.400W100 dB
DELTA-15LFA15"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.500W96 dB
KAPPA-15A15"3", 76 MM80 OZ.450W100.5 dB
KAPPA-15C15"3", 76 MM80 OZ.450W98.1 dB
KAPPA-15LFA15"3", 76 MM95 OZ.600W99 dB