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Eminence Expands Sales Team, OEM Services in Europe

April 3,2017

Through their 25 years relationship with European distributor Adam Hall, Eminence has become a globally recognized brand known for high quality USA made loudspeakers and high frequency devices. Now, with the recent appointment of Damon Waller as European Sales Manager, Eminence will greatly enhance their ability to develop custom audio solutions for the many highly regarded OEM manufacturers there.

“By having Damon working hand-in-hand along with Adam Hall, we are better positioned to grow the Eminence brand.” said Chris Rose, President, Eminence Speaker. “Adam Hall continues to do a fantastic job distributing our branded product line. Their in-depth technical knowledge and unrivaled customer service are what make them one of the fastest growing distributors in the industry. With Damon’s new role we will be able to work directly with OEM manufacturers when a truly customized product is needed.”

Damon WallerWaller brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his previous positions at Trace Elliot, where he eventually served as International Sales Manager, and Orange Amplification, where he worked his way up through the company to the position of Managing Director. His background in international sales, brand marketing and positioning, sourcing, and product conception make him the ideal choice to grow Eminence’s OEM services.

Waller can be reached for OEM inquiries at damon.waller@eminence.com. To become an Eminence dealer in Europe, please contact Adam Hall at info@adamhall.com.

Eminence Achieves ISO 14001 Certification

August 8,2016

Eminence is pleased to announce the company has become ISO 14001 certified.

An ISO 14001 environmental management system is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling those aspects of a business that have a significant impact on the environment.

“This certification demonstrates to our customers, our community, and our team that Eminence Speaker is committed to protecting the environment through diligence and responsible environmental management practices.” said Chris Rose, President. “We continually strive to be a good corporate citizen, and we’re very proud to be doing our part.”

The company expects to realize many benefits from this certification, including reducing operating costs, raising environmental protection awareness among employees, and ultimately minimizing their environmental footprint.

Sensey Electronics and Eminence

April 6,2016

We’re very grateful to our friends at Sensey Electronics, our new exclusive distributor in Mexico. Their representation of the Eminence brand at the Soundcheck Expo in Mexico City was truly top notch. We look forward to growing the Eminence brand in Mexico with the expert team at Sensey! Visit http://www.sensey.com.mx/ to learn more about this great company.

A New Sound System for the National Marine Museum

March 16,2016

Eminence is proud to be a supplier of custom designed 10″, 12″ and 15″ speakers to High Performance Stereo for their HPS-4000® system. Following is news from HPS regarding being chosen to provide sound for the National Marine Museum’s new theater in Triangle, VA.

High Performance Stereo is pleased to announce that the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation in partnership with the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, VA, located near the Marine Corps Base Quantico, has selected the HPS-4000® sound system for the new large screen theatre currently under construction. The theatre will boast an 80 foot wide screen that is also 60 feet tall and will be the home of a special new large format film now in production.

Building a sound image big enough for a screen of this size has always presented a challenge for sound systems. In the past most systems have attempted to create tall sound images with a single center speaker high above the main center speaker. While this approach does help, it still fails fill the screen with a wall of sound that stereo is supposed to be.

HPS founder and president John Allen has given this unique problem a fresh look. Maintaining the desired maximum distance between the speakers behind the screen of 15 feet dictates that there be five main speaker systems. This part is not new. It is the same successful approach pioneered in the 1950s with 70 MM film presentations and now sadly all but abandoned. To add this wide sound image a tall vertical dimension, this new sound system will feature five more additional speakers placed 40 feet high.

All the main full range speakers employed behind the screen will be High Performance Stereo’s flagship 545-4 fully horn loaded four-way loudspeakers, each with a continuous acoustic output capability equal to a symphony orchestra. Full horn loading also produces the lowest possible distortion. All the speakers in this system including the surrounds will be built with HPS’s new “Stradivarius” midrange compression drivers. A full ten years in development, these critical sound reproducers are the finest HPS has ever employed.

The subwoofer channel will outfitted with eight 545-W fully horn loaded low frequency systems. This is also the same woofer system used in the 545-4 full rage four-way screen speakers. HPS-4000 sound systems are unique in this way. Using the same woofer cabinet in both the main speaker systems as well as the subwoofers means that the bass will sound the same from every speaker behind the screen. This eliminates the unpleasant “boom box” subwoofer sound so common in today’s cinemas. Each 545-W woofer system is by itself about 12 times more efficient than the typical “boom box” systems. This also translates into about 12 times less distortion.

Adding all this up results in some pretty impressive numbers. The sound systems found in the majority of movie theatres today have a total low frequency radiating area of around 7 1/2 square feet. This is the total area that all the bass speakers combined can have acting on the air in the room. A few theatres may have twice that much. The smallest HPS-4000 systems have a low frequency radiating area of 30 square feet. The larger HPS-4000 systems start at 50 square feet and have been as much as 130 square feet. The total low frequency radiating area of the HPS-4000 sound system at the National Museum of the Marine Corps will be an unprecedented 185 square feet, delivering an acoustic power of 2,576 acoustic watts. To put it another way, this is the equivalent of 36.8 symphony orchestras all playing at once. This system will be by far the most powerful HPS system in the world. Of course no film will ever play so loud. The power of this system simply means that the speakers and amplifiers will just loaf along and never be even slightly strained. The sound will simply be as beautiful and clear as sound can be without a hint of distortion.

Behind this power will be the new balanced-differential amplifiers by BGW Systems of Montebello, California, a division of Amplifier Technologies. The introduction of these amplifiers marks the very first time in the history of audio that this superior type of amplifier has been made for professional installations. Balanced-differential amplifiers are known not only for their incredible speed (transient response) but exceptional clarity due to their low distortion. Amplifier Technologies is the world’s leader in this type of amplifier technology.

High Performance Stereo couldn’t be more proud to be chosen for this special theatre. Opening is expected in 2017.

Eminence Celebrates 50 Years

January 11,2016

Eminence 50th AnniversaryIn 1966 Bob Gault founded what was to become the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturing company after working as an engineer for Magnavox and CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply). Gault started Eminence building only three 18” speakers per day, based on a commitment from Ampeg’s Everett Hull. Under the leadership of Gault and most recently his son, Rob, the company’s capacity grew to over 10,000 speakers per day, employing nearly 200 people.

“The Eminence Speaker factory is like my brother. We’ve grown up together side-by-side.” said Rob Gault, Chairman. “I’m grateful to my family for the opportunity and to God for bringing together such a great group of people who make up the Eminence family.”

Originally a supplier to OEM manufacturers only, Eminence began distributing its own line of branded products in 2000, and currently distributes to over 90 countries. In 2006, Eminence expanded its worldwide operations with the addition of Eminence Dongguan Enterprise Ltd. The Gault FamilyThe 96,000 sq. ft. facility was part of the international Eminence effort to provide loudspeaker manufacturing capability in areas strategically located near manufacturers of musical instrument and professional audio products. In 2009, Eminence further expanded its Asia operations with the addition of the Eminence Cabinet Shop, providing turn-key solutions for professional audio enclosures, finished systems and components, and guitar and bass amplifiers.

“NAMM is proud to recognize Eminence Speaker LLC for their 50 years of service to their community, staff and to the music and sound products industry,” said Joe Lamond, NAMM president and CEO. “Their hard work and willingness to adapt, as well as their commitment to making this world a more musical place have helped them stand the test of time and will be the driver of their future success.”

New Products for 2016

January 11,2016

Alpha 4

Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

Perfectly suited for line arrays, car doors and side panels, and other tight fitting applications, the Alpha 4 is a very versatile 110 watt driver that can be used full range, as a midbass, or as a midrange. They can be stacked by themselves in a column for vocal applications, or in conjunction with a tweeter and a sub for compact, high performance PA or MI applications. Available in 8 and 4 ohm.

Kappa Pro 18LF

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The Kappa Pro 18LF provides tons of low frequency output in a lightweight, durable cast aluminum chassis. Featuring a 3” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 38 Hz – 700 Hz, it can be used as a subwoofer in small to medium sized boxes, a woofer in large three-way PA enclosures, or as a high-power bass guitar woofer.

“The 1,600 watt program power rating will give you the confidence to crank them up.” said Jerry McNutt, Product Design Manager at Eminence. “The Kappa Pro 18LF is well-suited for new projects, and works well as a replacement for many single and double subwoofer cabinets.”

Available in 8Ω, the Kappa Pro 18LF offers 98 dB of sensitivity.

Pete Anderson Signature HempDog 12

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Eminence has teamed up with multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer/guitarist Pete Anderson to create signature guitar tone.

The 8Ω HempDog 12 offers a more neutral voicing with clarity and full, round lows, but with the added warmth only a hemp cone can provide. Housed on a rugged cast aluminum chassis, the 80 oz. ceramic magnet and 2.5” edgewound voice coil provide higher efficiency and 150 watts of power.

“Pete was interested in experimenting with two of his favorite Eminence speakers: the Cannabis Rex for it’s warmth, and the Legend EM12 for its neutral, clear tone.” said Anthony Lucas, Design Engineer at Eminence.

“When I finally settled on the EVM12L guitar speaker earlier in my career I thought I was set” said Anderson, “But with Eminence allowing me – or should I say encouraging me – to reach beyond that, the creation of the HempDog has exceeded my expectations. It has the hi-fidelity I require plus the warmth of hemp, an outstanding combination that covers all genres of music. I can not think of any other speaker company that encourages this type of dialogue with musicians. I couldn’t be happier. “

Legend BP122 and 1525

Eminence’s 10” Legend BP102 has been a favorite among bass players because of its rich, warm tone and the fact it can play really low in sealed cabinets. Expanding the offering, Eminence has developed a 12” and 15” model with the same versatile skill set. With a program power rating of 500 watts, the BP122 features a 2” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 35 Hz – 2.3 kHz. The 15” model is rated at 700 watts, utilizes a 2.5” voice coil and has a usable range of 35 Hz – 2.1 kHz.

“The new BP122 and BP1525 will work great in small sealed enclosures and deliver rich, warm tone and deep bass from your instrument.” said Jerry McNutt, Product Design Manager at Eminence. “They will also be at home in many professional audio and home hi-fi applications, just like the 10” BP102 does now.”

Legend BP122 product page / Legend BP122 spec sheet / Legend BP122 images

Legend BP1525 product page / Legend BP1525 spec sheet / Legend BP1525 images

Basslite SC10

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The Basslite series continues to be a popular choice for bass players who are looking to reduce the weight of their rigs without sacrificing performance. The new Basslite SC10 is a 10” speaker optimized for sealed bass cabinets, and features an ultra-lightweight 4 oz. neodymium magnet and a 2” voice coil.

“We wanted to design something that was designed specifically for sealed 4×10 and 8×10 cabinets.” said Anthony Lucas, Design Engineer at Eminence. “We’re offering them in 16 ohm and 32 ohm options as we envision them for multi-speaker configurations. The 16 ohm model has a program power rating of 300 watts, and the 32 ohm is rated at 200 watts.”


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The Redcoats have not fired their last shot in the revolutionary war of guitar tone. New from Eminence is the CV-65, a continuation of their ceramic vintage style British-voiced guitar speakers.

The 8Ω CV-65 offers classic British tone with modern power handling, and features warm, throaty mids, sweet, articulate highs, and nice, detailed harmonic complexity. Handling 65 watts of power, the CV-65 utilizes a 34 oz. ceramic magnet and a 1.75” voice coil. Compared to the 75 watt model, the CV-65 is more round and full in the lows, less aggressive in the mids, but warm and throaty, and is more focused and articulate on the highs.

EarCandy Cabinets

September 28,2015

Name: EarCandy
Year Established: 2003
Location: Valparaiso, IN
Website: www.earcandy.com

EarCandy_logoHow did EarCandy get started and what got you interested in building gear? Chinese Tea Sets Wholesale Tea Sets
I started playing piano when I was four, and I was doing piano recitals in front of 2,000 people when I was six. I babysat for this lady who couldn’t pay me so she gave me her ex-husband’s Stratocaster and it was love at first sight. After that, nothing else mattered but good grades. I had to have good grades or my dad would yank the guitar. He was a brilliant man, an E-9 Master Chief in the US Navy, a math genius and a very skilled wood worker by hobby. He had me out in the wood shop as soon as I could walk, I was sanding cabinets and shelves. When he passed away he left me all of his wood working tools, which a few are still used in the shop to this very day.

I was in a very loud band and worked at a large music store called Woodwind and Brass Wind. I had access to every speaker cab you could imagine and none of them sounded good to me. Back in 1990- 1992, I attended my first two years of college during the last two years of high school. I went to Old Dominion University for ear training, acoustic reproduction with a BR in blues and jazz improvisation for half a day and then went to Norfolk State University for composition and music theory for the other half. I would get to high school at 8 o’clock, leave at 11 and be in college until 6:30, cram Taco Bell down on the way home and go to band practice until 10:00pm. So skip ahead here a few years and I was unemployed, needed money but had this vision of what guitar tone should look and sound like. I sat on my couch one day and designed & built a BuzzBomb and my drummer said “that’s it! That is the shit!!. I dare you to post one on evil bay!”
I did and I have been behind ever since.

BuzzBomb 2x12What makes Ear Candy different from other boutique builders?
The word boutique is over cooked. So is the word “vintage.” EarCandy has our set models with color, grill, hardware and speaker options, what sets us apart is our design. We did not copy anything because I tried everything and nothing was working the way I needed it to so the BuzzBomb 2×12 was born. We also have our patent-pending tone jointing process and what I call the “black space porting method /math.” I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to work for a world famous concert pianist. When that individual passed away, I got to work with THE MAN from a very prominent grand piano company and he taught and told me everything about tone woods, sound boards, tensile strength, baffle banding and everything. I learned and expanded on this and applied it to our cab design, which is much like a piano or concert acoustic guitar.

Anything in particular that sets your company apart?
I was born with very tiny narrow ear canals, I can get swimmers ear from showering. When I went in for ear training when I was five or six, the doctor told my parents that I have hearing like a wolf.  So I have a God given ability to hear things most people can’t.

Secondly, our eye for design lines and our ear for sound waves. EarCandy is a family of very talented artists and top notch vendors, there is WAYYYYY more to this than just me. I would say the main thing that sets us apart by far is, we don’t duplicate anything that has already been done, our product line is ours, and we aren’t regurgitating stuff that has already been done. We are thinking about where this is all going to be in 2020 and beyond while respecting the bloodlines that got us here in the first place.

What type of user controls do you provide?
Mono, mono with parallel out, stereo, stereo mono combo at required ohm levels, all hand-soldered with silver solder and 14 gauge quad conducted cable.

Sweet Tooth 2x10 BAre there any particular tonal characteristics that you work toward when building?
Tasteful versatility with the ability to be nice and soft while knowing you have the power to completely blow peoples’ wigs off with massive low-end crunch, thick, juicy harmonic mids that melt into warm buttery highs that cut like a knife without sounding harsh and painful. All loaded with sustain and natural compression with very controllable harmonic under and overtones. You can draw them out, sustain and ride them or hide them back in your mix, it’s all in the dynamic of how you play it. Because of the way our porting works, our cabs are like living breathing animals in your rig.

What was your first impression of Eminence?
I was using Eminence before I cared about speakers back when I was 14 and always just somehow ended up with them in my personal stuff. I always experimented heavily, at the cost of many amps and speakers. I would blow the Peavey and Celestion stuff but the Eminence stuff just took a beating time and time again. Then, years later, thanks to Scott Plackie, a wonderful individual, I got the opportunity to meet and break bread and talk speakers with Mr. Chris Rose and he told me “keep doing what we’re doing, you got this!” Eminence has helped our company grow and taken top-notch care of us ever since. We can’t thank you enough!

Why did you choose Eminence for your cabs?
When I got the first ones back in ‘03 I loved how they were packed with the foam, the way they still are. The amount of choices in voicing through models is staggering. There is no tone we can’t attain with one or a combination of your speakers. 7 year warranty is also nice but we have never really had to use it. We are in Indiana, you are in Kentucky, that’s a 1 day ship time, made in the USA, 7 year warranty, amazing customer service, and it was a no brainer for EarCandy.

Which speakers did you go with and why?
Long story short, we use and offer all four of the guitar lines: Legends, Patriots, Redcoats and Signature series. We can do that because of the way our cabs are designed, they adjust the air around the speaker and give the speakers exactly what they need as far as TSP.

How do you evaluate the speakers you choose?
Depending on the application, it is a pretty radical set of processes. Several guitars, amps, wattage levels, construction and appearance. I then install them on a board that is not installed in a cab. This gives me a true sense of what that speaker is going to sound like on its own merit. Then I have a stethoscope that I wear and tap test every square inch of the cone.

Where can people find out more about Ear Candy online?

Eminence and Travis Toy Create Signature Pedal Steel Tone

July 29,2015

Eminence, KY – Eminence has teamed up with Nashville session artist and Rascal Flatts sideman Travis Toy to create a 300 watt, ultra-lightweight signature pedal steel guitar speaker.

Double-T 12The 8Ω Double-T 12 features a tight low end, a midrange bite that can cut through a mix, and detailed high end without being too bright.  Toy worked closely with the engineers at Eminence to achieve these characteristics and even managed to pack them all into a 12” speaker that weighs just over 7 lbs – less than half the weight of the speakers he replaced.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to create a signature steel guitar speaker with the amazing engineers at Eminence.” said Toy.  “This speaker directly addresses many of the issues I’ve had with existing speaker designs for my entire career. I feel that it’s the perfect modern steel guitar speaker. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

View the product detail page here.

Eminence Adds Industry Veteran to International Sales Team

March 11,2015

Eminence is pleased to announce the addition of music industry veteran Daniel Neves as Latin American Sales Representative.

Through his manufacturers’ representative firm, Tree Media, Neves will be selling Eminence products and marketing their OEM capabilities in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Columbia.

Daniel Neves“Eminence does not only represent a good product and the perfect sound, it is all about prestige with a great quality product.” said Daniel Neves. “These factors give us the comfort to develop more and more professional business with their clients.”

“We’re very excited to have Daniel on our team.” said Gary Morrison, Distribution Sales Manager at Eminence.  “His knowledge of the industry, the culture, and his track record of bridging distribution channels, primarily between manufacturers and retailers, will be a key for us going forward.”

Neves is the founder and CEO of Música & Mercado (Music & Market), a trade publication in Spanish and Portuguese, and was also elected President of the Brazilian Association of the Music Industry from 2014 to 2016.

Eminence Expedites the OEM Design to Market Process With a New Appointment.

February 11,2015

Eminence is proud to announce the appointment of Dan Ryterski to the role of Cabinet/Systems Sales and Design Engineer.

Dan RyterskiDan has served Eminence as a Systems Design Engineer since 2007, and has been instrumental in the establishment of Eminence as a premier OEM/ODM supplier of loudspeaker systems and musical instrument amplifiers. Prior to joining Eminence, Ryterski served as a design engineer for St. Louis Music where he was responsible for contributing to the design of a variety of notable products.

In his new role with Eminence, Ryterski will be working directly with OEM/ODM customers to move their projects quickly from concept to marketable product. Eminence President, Chris Rose states, “We are very excited to have Dan as the direct liaison for our customers seeking loudspeaker systems and musical instrument products. Dan has a unique ability to move concepts through the product development process quickly while meeting customer quality and performance targets. Having Dan work directly with our customers will further expedite this process, and we welcome him in this role.”