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New Products for 2018

Eminence is proud to announce the following new products for 2018. From small format pro audio devices to a 15” neodymium guitar speaker, Eminence has an exciting new lineup of audio solutions for a wide array of applications.

Alpha 2-8

The Alpha 2-8 features a 0.64” copper voice coil and 2.7 oz. ferrite magnet. With under spider venting and a flux source cap, this 8 ohm driver lets the heat out while containing the magnetic flux, which is critical for multi-unit designs packed tightly together. Rated at 30 watts program power, the Alpha 2 has a wide usable frequency range of 200 Hz – 20 kHz. View product details.

Alpha 5-8

New to the American Standard Series of professional audio loudspeakers is the Alpha 5. As with all other Alpha series models, the 8 ohm Alpha 5 offers unmistakable performance with an emphasis on value. Rated at 250 watts program power, this 5” midbass features a water-resistant cone and dustcap, making it an excellent choice for line array or column array applications. View product details.

APT:30 / tweeter

The Eminence APT30 horn loaded tweeter offers exceptional high frequency reproduction at an exceptional value. Rated at 10 watts AES, this ultra-compact unit features a 2 oz. ferrite magnet, aluminum voice coil former, and mylar diaphragm. With an average SPL rating of 93.4 dB and a max SPL of 116.5 dB, the APT30 is designed to deliver big performance in very limited spaces. From small bass rigs to home hi-fi applications, the APT30 can go where other devices simply can’t.
View product details.

SD28 / soft-dome tweeter

The Eminence SD28 soft-dome tweeter offers unmatched performance to value in an ultra-compact design. With an overall diameter of less than 1.5”, this 4 ohm silk dome tweeter delivers smooth high frequency reproduction from 1.5 to 20 kHz. Perfect for car audio, ATV, RV, or any other application where space is limited.
View product details.

F151M-8 / ring radiator compression driver

Maximizing performance and value for compact line array systems is the F151M-8 ring radiator compression driver, a ferrite version of the popular N151M-8 neodymium model. Both versions utilize a phase plug design that improves the distribution of forces over the diaphragm surface. The result is a driver with lower distortion, smoother frequency response, and increased sensitivity as compared to conventional ring radiator designs. View product details.

PXB-1k8 / passive crossover

New to the Eminence PXB crossover family is the PXB:1K8. Featuring advanced circuit design to protect your system components, this 8 ohm high-pass filter’s crossover frequency is 1.8 kHz. Pair it with the N151M-8 or F151M-8 ring radiator compression driver in your next project. View product details.

HA14-2 and HA1-14 / horn adapters

Mix and match your favorite bolt-on compression drivers and horns more easily with these new high-quality aluminum adapters from Eminence. The HA14-2 mates a 1.4” horn or driver with a 2” device, or choose the HA1-14 to pair a 1” horn or driver with a 1.4” device. Versatile, durable, dependable. It’s what we’re known for.

Legend EM12N / neodymium guitar speaker

Following in the footsteps of the popular Legend EM12, the new EM12N takes the weight out but leaves the performance in. Rated at 200 watts, the neodymium EM12N delivers the same neutral tone so you can hear more of your guitar and amp, but with even tighter, more responsive and dynamic characteristics. If you want to sound like a legend, play one! View product details.

Guit-Fiddle / 12” fiddle and guitar speaker

Finally, a 12″ speaker voiced specifically for fiddle players. Reduced bow friction noise and tame upper-mids. It’s also great for guitar if you want thick tone with warm, smooth, more mellow mids and highs. View product details.


Cannabis Rex 10 / 10” guitar speaker

A highly requested 10″ version of Cannabis Rex. This hemp cone speaker offers warm, smooth, clean, and full tone, but with high-end definition – just like its big brother. Great to tame a bright amp and/or guitar. View product details.



WheelHouse 200 / 15” neo guitar speaker

15″ version of our 12” Wheelhouse 150. Touch-sensitive and balanced, the WheelHouse delivers warm, smooth tone throughout the entire spectrum, allowing you to utilize your amp controls to shape your sound. It handles pedals and amp EQ with ease. Go from country to fusion to blues and make it sound like it’s right in your wheelhouse. View product details.