Guitar / Bass

NEW Signature Series models for 2017! Eminence has teamed up with veteran pedal steeler Paul Franklin and blues guitarist Josh Smith to create two guitar speakers that are as versatile as the artists themselves.

Offering complete tonal balance from top to bottom, the PF-350 is an attack-sensitive and powerful 12” model co-developed with veteran session and touring pedal steeler Paul Franklin. With headroom to spare, the PF-350’s tone transfers from low volume to very loud with warmth and clarity, making it ideal for pedal steel and 6-stringers alike.

Respected as much for his tone as his guitar skills, Josh Smith’s concept for the ultimate guitar speaker involved combining the lows of the Eminence Tonespotter, the clean highs of the Wizard, and the natural grit and sparkle of the Red Fang alnico. The result is an extremely versatile speaker with vintage tone and the ability to handle the power of modern amps.

Make one of these unique models part of YOUR signature sound!

Model Name Image Size Voice Coil Diam. Magnet Wt. Power Rating Sensitivity Spec Sheet
GA10-SC5910"1", 25 MM6 OZ.20W97 dB
GA10-SC6410"1", 25 MM15 OZ.20W98.2 dB
DOUBLE-T 1212"3", 76 MM11 OZ.300W100.2 dB
DV-77 Mick Thomson Signature Speaker12"1.75", 44 MM50 OZ.70W100.6 dB
DV-77-16 12"1.75", 44 MM50 OZ.70W100.7 dB
GA-SC5912"1.75", 44 MM35 OZ.40W100 dB
GA-SC6412"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.40W100.5 dB
JS-125012"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.50W101.4 dB
DOUBLE-T 1515"3", 76 MM11 OZ.300W101 dB
PF-40015"4", 102 MM109 OZ.400W102 dB