Guitar / Bass

There are certain tones that stand out in musical history. In rock, in blues and all kinds of music. The Redcoat series captures some of the most well-known amp tones ever recorded and revered for decades. Ranging from tight and bright to growling grit, there’s a Redcoat model that’ll bring classic sounds alive for today’s players. Give your audience a live lesson in history, and in tone.

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Model Name Image Size Voice Coil Diam. Magnet Wt. Power Rating Sensitivity Spec Sheet
RAMROD(tm)10"1.5", 38 MM30 OZ.75W100.2 dB
RF10C10"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.50W100.4 dB
CV-6512"1.75", 44 MM34 OZ.65W100.6 dB
CV-7512"1.75", 44 MM56 OZ.75W102.2 dB
CV-751612"1.75", 44 MM56 OZ.75W101.9 dB
MAN O WAR(tm)12"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.120W101.6 dB
MAN O WAR(tm) 1612"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.120W101.6 dB
PRIVATE JACK(tm)12"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.50W101 dB
PRIVATE JACK(tm) 1612"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.50W100.3 dB
REIGNMAKER(tm)12"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.75W92.5 - 98.7 dB
THE GOVERNOR(tm)12"1.75", 44 MM56 OZ.75W102.3 dB
THE GOVERNOR(tm) 1612"1.75", 44 MM56 OZ.75W102.2 dB
THE TONKER(tm)12"2", 51 MM59 OZ.150W101.5 dB
THE WIZARD(tm)12"1.75", 44 MM56 OZ.75W102.8 dB
THE WIZARD(tm) 1612"1.75", 44 MM56 OZ.75W103.5 dB
TONKERLITE(tm)12"2", 51 MM4 OZ.125W101.1 dB
BIG BEN15"2.5", 64 MM56 OZ.225W101.3 dB