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How do I break-in or age my speaker?

Speaker break-in will vary from model to model. It can even vary between two of the same model. The degree to which a speaker has reached break-in is a very subjective topic. Some players like them right out of the box and others want to beat them to within an inch of their lives. Most players hopefully fall somewhere in-between. There really is no “magic” inherent in speaker break-in methods. The speaker will continue to break-in naturally throughout its lifespan, but the most noticeable amount will occur early on. Some of the most widely used techniques for break-in include: Playing music through the speaker at moderate volumes for a few days (some players even have specific songs they use), Using a Variac, Hanging the speaker with the cone facing downward to promote suspension sag, and Physically moving the cone up and down. We often use a noise signal generator at 20Hz with enough current to get the speaker moving smartly for a few hours, but without abusing it. Guitar speakers are generally not accustomed to very low frequencies and it is easy to harm them if you are not careful. The most highly recommended and safest way is several hours of higher volume playing.