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DV-77 Production Update

Dear DV-77 fans,

Thank you for your tremendous response to our DV-77 replacement guitar speaker. We are pleased to share that Eminence just finished a run of the DV-77 8-ohm and 16-ohm models and has scheduled production runs of the DV-77 for mid-May and late June.

The DV-77 has been well-received. The positive comments on social media, message board threads about the DV-77, and demos on YouTube from DV-77 users have conspired to generate unprecedented interest in the DV-77. 

Supply chain challenges have temporarily impeded our ability to keep up with demand. Eminence has been experiencing the adverse effects of the ongoing global pandemic along with many other manufacturers. A specific consequence has been the disruption of our ability to fulfill the demand for the DV-77 guitar speaker due to material shortages and transportation delays.

While materials remain challenging to obtain and transportation issues seem to arise weekly, the good news is we have received confirmation the materials are on the way to Eminence for scheduled production runs of the DV-77. The next production will happen in mid to late May, and another run is planned for later in June.

Additionally, DV-77 Impulse Responses are available at https://eminence-digital.com/

Thank you for your patience as we work to rise above the challenges and deliver the best speakers possible to our customers.