God’s Dirt

A name that makes you think. This is exactly what they hope you will do when you hear it for the first time. God’s Dirt is Terry Isaac, Cliff Spruill, Kevin Ours and Chris Szynal. Their music is based on real life, written from personal experience with the desire to reach others with a valuable message. The songs have an edge to them, nothing is watered down. These guys want you to pay attention.

God’s Dirt sound is a unique mix of rock, classic country and blues. The distinctive vocals of Terry Isaac are immediately identifiable. He and Cliff Spruill share guitar duties; Isaac’s slide guitar adds a down-south swamp feel to some of the songs. Kevin Ours’ drums complement the song without overpowering them; Chris Szynal’s bass adds the necessary bottom end to complete­ the band’s sound. From the humor of Redneck, the resolve of Yesterday Land to the imagery of Jesus Rides; the songs of God’s Dirt cover a wide range of topics with thoughtfulness and insight. Their overall message is simple: We’ve found a better way. Ride with us.

The band has performed with some of Christian music’s finest acts. They have a dedicated following, and are a special favorite of devoted Harley Davidson riders. The band motto: “God’s Dirt is a band formed to honor Jesus Christ” is apparent in every event; yet manifested in a non-judgmental manner to reach those whose wheels have taken them down a destructive path. God’s Dirt appeals to a wide range of audiences; their ever growing fan base is a testimony to their dedication and determination. Give them a listen. You’ll want to ride with them again.