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Bo Garrett

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“I am constantly in search of tone. And I’ve never been happier with my amp since I loaded it with a Texas Heat speaker. From big bone crunching chords to solos that cut through without piercing your ears, these things really do Bring The Heat. Love em!”

After years of playing with my own band in the bars and honky tons of Kentucky, I met and became friends with Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery. In the early nineties, the two decided to get together and pursue a record deal as a duo. I was fortunate enough to be asked if I would be interested in being their guitarist. To which I obviously said yes.

After a couple of years of rehearsing in Gentry’s mother and father’s basement and many showcases, the duo finally signed their first contract. And as they promised, they took me along. In 1999, the first single ( Hillbilly Shoes ) was released and set the tone for the Montgomery Gentry sound.

For 16 years, MG has been a national and international touring and recording success. We have made several ACM and CMA awards appearances, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America and many more. We have also visited quite a few different countries on our journey. I feel blessed to say that for as long as there has been a Montgomery Gentry, I have been right behind them with a loud guitar…