Eminence Dongguan

As the World’s number one custom loudspeaker manufacturer, Eminence has gained tremendous insight in the development of professional audio enclosures, and guitar and bass amplifiers.

We’ve spent the last 45 years collaborating with the best designers and best brands in the development of some of the music industry’s most well respected products. Our engineers understand the complete product development process and combine to represent a wealth of knowledge in sound reproduction and guitar tone.

Today, most brands sub-contract the design and manufacturing of their products. However, many OEM and ODM suppliers lead to concerns with communication, intellectual property, quality, delivery, and service after the sale. Eminence has expanded to meet those concerns head on through the Eminence Cabinet Shop. Today, Eminence can take your product, be it from your designs or simply from your concept, through the design and documentation process, production, certification, and on to market.

You can also view our line of Pro Audio, Bass and Guitar speakers here.

Finished Systems

Finished Systems

Model Name Image System Type Power Rating Sensitivity Max SPL Impedance Spec Sheet
PA-112 12″ Two-way PA box / Floor wedge 150/300W 95dB 121dB 8 ohm
PA-115 15″ Two-way PA box / Floor wedge 300/600W 99dB 126dB 8 ohm
PA-118S 1×18 PA Passive Subwoofer 600/1200W 97dB 127dB 8 ohm
PA-215 2×15 PA Full-Range Box 600/1200W 101dB 130dB 4 ohm
PA-218S 2×18 PA Passive Subwoofer, Bass Reflex Cabinet 1200/2400W 100dB 133dB 4 ohm