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Find a Dealer This table charts the specifications for the PSD:2013-8 speaker
Speaker Detail
Throat Size1", 25.4mm
Nominal Impedance*8 ohms
Power Rating**85W (AES)
Free Air Resonace0.43kHz
Usable Frequency Range1500Hz-20kHz
Magnet Weight34oz, 0.96kg
Voice Coil Diameter2" / 50.8mm
Thiele & Small Parameters
DC Resistance (Re)6.8
Mounting Info
Overall Diameter5.25", 133.4mm
Mounting Holes Diameter2X 1/4-20
Mounting Holes B.C.D.3.00 in. 76.2mm
Mounting ThreadN/A
Depth2.3", 58.4mm
Weight5.9 lbs, 2.7 kg
Volume30.8 ", liters
Materials of Construction
Diaphragm MaterialTitanium
Magnet CompositionFerrite

* Please consult for specifications of models with alternative impedances.

** Multiple units exceed published rating evaluated under AES noise source and test standard while mounted on the H290 or H290S horn in a non-temperature controlled environment.

*** The average on axis output across the usable frequency range when applying 1W/1m into the nominal impedance, i.e. 2.83V/8Ω, 4V/16Ω. Eminence response curves are measured under the following conditions: All speakers are tested at 1W/1m using a variety of test set-ups for the appropriate impedance | LMS using 0.25" supplied microphone (software calibrated) mounted 1m from wall/baffle | 2ft x 2ft baffle is built into the wall with horn front mounted | Carver PM-120 amplifier | 2700ft3 chamber with fiberglass on all six surfaces (three with custom-made wedges).