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HF Products & Components

H14EAThe Eminence assortment of horns has been engineered to provide the perfect compliment to Eminence HF drivers. Each horn is manufactured from the highest quality materials to obtain a balance of strength, durability, and weight savings.

New for 2015 is a rugged, cast aluminum 1.4” throat horn. The H14EA incorporates an exponential flare for optimized acoustic loading and energy transfer, resulting in a smooth and natural frequency response. Its compact size makes it ideal for sound reproduction in virtually any venue.

B2S-A Adaptor

The B2S-A aluminum adaptor converts bolt-on driver to accept a screw-on horn. 2x 1/4-20 or 3x M6 driver to 1 3/8” 18 UNEF horn.

S2B-A Adaptor

The S2B-A aluminum adaptor converts screw-on driver to accept a bolt-on horn. 1 3/8” 18 UNEF ext. driver to 2x 1/4-20 or 3x M6 horn.

Model Name Image Throat Size Dispersion Low Rec. Crossover Cut Out
APT 150S1", 25.4mm100 x 501.5 kHz3.4 x 6.7", 86 x 170mm
APT 80S1", 25.4mm80 degrees conical3.0 kHz3.15", 80mm
APT200S1", 25.4mm90 x 901.3 kHz4.3 x 4.3", 108 x 114mm
BH4101", 25.4mm60 x 601.2 kHz3.56 x 3.5", 90.4 x 90.4mm
H 290B1", 25.4mm90 x 401.0 kHz9.7 x 4.9", 246 x 124mm
H 290S1", 25.4mm90 x 401.0 kHz9.7 x 4.9", 246 x 124mm
H14EA1.4", 35.6mm60 X 40600 Hz11.3 x 6.1", 287 x 155mm
H2EA2", 50.8mm60 x 40700 Hz11.3 x 6.3", 287 x 160mm
SST11", 25.4mm90 x 401.0 kHz8.5 x 6.4", 216 x 163mm