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HF Products & Components

H2EA Horn FlareThe Eminence assortment of horns has been engineered to provide the perfect compliment to Eminence HF drivers. Each horn is manufactured from the highest quality materials to obtain a balance of strength, durability, and weight savings.

New for 2011 we’ve added the H2EA, a heavy-duty cast aluminum 2″ throat horn flare. Incorporating an exponential flare for optimized acoustic loading and energy transfer, it’s compact size makes it ideal for sound reproduction in small, medium, and large-size venues. We’ve recently added the H290S, providing our first option in a 1” throat screw-on horn. We’ve also added the BH410, a very novel 1” throat screw-on horn designed specifically for close speaker placement and excellent HF dispersion in bass guitar enclosures.

B2S-A Adaptor

The B2S-A aluminum adaptor converts bolt-on driver to accept a screw-on horn. 2x 1/4-20 or 3x M6 driver to 1 3/8” 18 UNEF horn.

S2B-A Adaptor

The S2B-A aluminum adaptor converts screw-on driver to accept a bolt-on horn. 1 3/8” 18 UNEF ext. driver to 2x 1/4-20 or 3x M6 horn.

Model Name Image Throat Size Dispersion Low Rec. Crossover Cut Out
APT 150S1", 25.4mm100 x 5015003.4 x 6.7", 86 x 170mm
APT 80S1", 25.4mm80 degrees conical30002.94", 74.7mm
APT200S1", 25.4mm90 x 9013004.25 x 4.5", 108 x 114mm
BH4101", 25.4mm60 x 6012003.56 x 3.5", 90.4 x 90.4mm
EM:150S1", 25.4mm100 x 5015003.4 x 6.7", 86 x 170mm
EM:200S1", 25.4mm90 x 901.3 kHz4.25 x 4.5", 108 x 114mm
EM:80S1", 25.4mm80 degrees conical3 kHz2.94", 74.7mm
H 290B1", 25.4mm90 x 4010009.7 x 4.9", 246 x 124mm
H 290S1", 25.4mm90 x 401 kHz9.7 x 4.9", 246 x 124mm
H2EA2", 50.8mm60 x 40700 Hz11.3 x 6.3", 287 x 160mm
H14EA1.4", 35.6mm60x40600 Hz11.3 x 6.1", 287 x 155mm