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ASD:1001Developed for totally Eminence loaded cabinets, or as upgrades to an existing device, Eminence HF drivers achieve extraordinary levels of audio performance with the same unrivaled durability you demand from Eminence bass and midrange transducers. From our field-proven series of APT tweeters, through our 1” throat neodymium and ceramic based 1” throat compression drivers, to our workhorse 2” throat PSD 3006, you’ll find an HF device to meet your specific power handling, frequency range, weight constraints, price and performance needs.

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Model Name Image Throat Size Impedance Sensitivity Spec Sheet
APT:501", 25.4mm8 ohms104.7dB
ASD:10011", 25.4mm8 ohms104.4dB
ASD:1001B1", 25.4mm8 ohms104.1dB
NSD:2005-161", 25.4mm16 ohms109.0dB
NSD:2005-81", 25.4mm8 ohms109.0dB
NSD:2005S-161", 25.4mm16 ohms109.0dB
NSD:2005S-81", 25.4mm8 ohms109.0dB
PSD:2002-161", 25.4mm16 ohms106.1dB
PSD:2002-81", 25.4mm8 ohms106.1dB
PSD:2002S-161", 25.4mm16 ohms106.1dB
PSD:2002S-81", 25.4mm8 ohms106.1dB
PSD:2013-161", 25.4mm16 ohms108.4dB
PSD:2013-81", 25.4mm8 ohms108.3dB
PSD:2013S-161", 25.4mm16 ohms109.4dB
PSD:2013S-81", 25.4mm8 ohms109.1dB