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N314T-8 and N320T-8

We’ve set a new standard in compression driver performance with the introduction of these lightweight neodymium models.

Their 3” titanium diaphragms feature a geodesic rib pattern for increased stiffness and break-up control, while their polymer surrounds utilize our new D3™ technology (Damped Diametric Drive) to provide a smooth, clean, and extended response while still allowing a low crossover point.

With a power rating of 100 watts (AES) and a sensitivity of 110 dB, the 8 ohm N314T-8 and N320T-8 weigh in at a mere 5 lbs., and feature a broad usable frequency range of 800 Hz to 20 kHz.

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Model Name Image Throat Size Impedance Sensitivity Spec Sheet
APT:501.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms104.70
ASD:1001B1.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms104.10
ASD:10011.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms104.40
N314T-81.40", 35.60mm8.0 ohms110.90
N320T-82.00", 50.80mm8.0 ohms110.40
NSD:2005-161.00", 25.40mm16. ohms109.60
NSD:2005-81.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms109.00
NSD:2005S-161.00", 25.40mm16. ohms110.30
NSD:2005S-81.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms109.70
PSD:2002-161.00", 25.40mm16. ohms105.80
PSD:2002-81.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms106.10
PSD:2002S-161.00", 25.40mm16. ohms106.70
PSD:2002S-81.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms105.10
PSD:2013-161.00", 25.40mm16. ohms108.40
PSD:2013-81.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms108.30
PSD:2013S-161.00", 25.40mm16. ohms109.40
PSD:2013S-81.00", 25.40mm8.0 ohms109.10
PSD:3006-162.00", 50.80mm16. ohms107.90
PSD:3006-82.00", 50.80mm8.0 ohms108.80
PSD:3014-161.40", 35.60mm16. ohms108.60
PSD:3014-81.40", 35.60mm8.0 ohms108.40