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HF Products & Components

Eminence Professional Series crossovers are technically superior passive filters available in board-only or cabinet ready configurations. Our high-pass protection circuits center around custom manufactured aerospace lamps, working as positive temperature coefficient series varistors to protect your HF device without introducing distortion. From low-pass and high-pass filters, to two-way and three-way units with multiple crossover point options, and L-PADs for more custom HF level control, there is an Eminence crossover solution to meet your needs.

Model Name X-Over Type Cab Ready Freq Slope Impedance Power Handling
PXB:250Low-PassNo250 Hz12dB/octave8 OHM600 W
PXB:500Low-PassNo500 Hz12dB/octave8 OHM600 W
PXB2:8002-wayNo800 Hz12dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W
PXB2:1k62-wayNo1.6 kHz12dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W
PXB2:3k52-wayNo3.5 kHz12dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W
PXB2:5k02-wayNo5 kHz12dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W
PXB3:3k53-wayNo500 Hz/3.5 kHz12dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W
PXB3:5k03-wayNo500 Hz/5 kHz12dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W
PXB:3k5High-PassNo3.5 kHz18dB/octave8 OHM400 W
PXB:1k6High-PassNo1.6 kHz18dB/octave8 OHM400 W
PXB:5k0High-PassNo5 kHz18dB/octave8 OHM400 W
PXB2:2K5CX2-wayNo2.5 kHz Asymmetric12dB/octave LP8 OHM250 W
PX-BulbFuse0 OHM0 W
PXB:1k8High-PassNo1.8 kHz18dB/octave8 OHM400 W
PXB2:2K622-wayNo2.5 kHz6dB/octave LP8 OHM400 W