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NAMM 2014 Artist Appearances

January 8,2014

We’re looking very forward to seeing all of our good friends at the 2014 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA in just a couple weeks. We have a great line-up of endorsing artists who will be demoing all the guitar tones available, so if you plan on attending the show you definitely want to check this out. We’re at booth #4334 in Hall C.

We’re excited to have Tomo Fujita with us all week. As many of you know, Tomo is a solo artist and Berklee instructor. A couple of his former students include John Mayer and Eric Krasno. Stop by and say hi to Tomo. He’s as great a guy as he is a player!

Thursday, January 23rd

11:00, 1:00, 4:00 – Tomo Fujita
2:00 – Gary Morse – Nashville session artist and touring pro, pedal and lap steel guitarist.
3:00 – Josh Smith – Solo artist, Raphael Saadiq guitarist.
4:30 – Alex Ivanov – Solo artist

Friday, January 24th

11:00 – Mat Gurman – Solo artist, extremely versatile Hal Leonard

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instructional guru
12:00 – Gary Morse
1:00 – Dave Widow – Solo Blues artist, with Reggie McBride on bass (Etta James, Joe Walsh, Glen Fry, BB King)
2:00 – Chris Sanders – Lizzy Borden and Knight Fury guitarist
3:00 – Pennal “PJ” Johnson is an incredible bassist
4:00 – Josh Smith
4:30 – Tomo Fujita
5:00 – Alex Ivanov

Saturday, January 25th

11:00 – Gary Morse
12:00 – Pete Anderson – Pete is a guitarist’s guitarist, and needs no introduction. From his days with Dwight Yoakam to his solo projects to his producing, he’s done it all.
1:00 – Tomo Fujita

1:45 – PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT – Eminence and amp guru George Alessandro will officially announce the vintage-voiced GA-SC64 12″ guitar speaker. Meet George and hear this speaker in action.

2:00 – Chris Poland and Robby Pagliari – Former Megadeth guitarist and OHM: front man Chris Poland always puts on a clinic. Robby Pagliari is equally incredible on the bass and they always pack the booth, so get there early.

3:00 – Josh Smith
4:00 – Dave Widow with Joe Puerta of Ambrosia
5:00 – Chris Sanders

Sunday, January 26th

12:00 – Mat Gurman
1:00 – Tomo Fujita
2:00 – Dave Reffett

New Pro Audio Models for 2014

January 7,2014

Eminence is proud to announce the following new additions to the Professional Series for 2014. See all of these new models at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 23-26.

Delta Pro 12-450A

Delta Pro 12-450AEminence takes the weight out, but leaves the performance in with the addition of a lighter weight version of their popular Delta Pro 12A, the Delta Pro 12-450A.

Utilizing a 56 oz. ferrite magnet, the 375 watt Delta Pro 12-450A is recommended as a woofer or mid/bass in vented enclosures, and also makes a perfect replacement in many portable PA cabinets. The Delta Pro 12-450A also features a 2.5” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 44 Hz to 4.0 kHz.

“For smaller PA cabinets, choosing the right loudspeaker will often come down to weight.” said Tom James, Eminence Product Design Manager. “While our popular Delta Pro 12 works well in many of these designs, we realized the 80 oz. magnet made the overall weight heavier than desired. The Delta Pro 12-450A still delivers exceptional performance, but with a significant weight savings.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

Kappa Pro 10LF

Kappa Pro 10LFEminence’s Kappa Pro series reaches a new low with the Kappa Pro 10LF, a low frequency enhanced version of their popular Kappa Pro 10.

With the low frequency content of modern music demanding more from the low end than in the past, the Kappa Pro 10LF excels with its high-BL, strong twin-reinforced cone, and high excursion suspension. Its high power handling capability (600 watts continuous, 1200 watts music program power) and its parameter set allow it to work in very compact vented or horn loaded bass guitar or subwoofer enclosures.

“This 10” will help end users meet the demand for tons of low bass while taking up just a tiny amount of space.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. “The 105 oz. ceramic magnet allows it to offer these outstanding attributes at a very reasonable price point.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

LA10850, LA12850 and LA15850

Eminence packs a lot of power into tight spaces with the addition of three high power, shallow cast frame Professional Series models designed to give you high output in tight fitting horn loaded applications.

LA10850At a mere 4.5” deep, the LA10850 is a 10” high power midrange driver featuring a 3” voice coil, powerful ceramic motor assembly, and inverted dust cap for close placement to phase plugs used in many horn loaded designs. Rated at 350 watts, the LA10850 can also be used in small conventional vented enclosures when you need a high power mid/bass driver, or in very compact sealed enclosures when a true high power midrange driver is needed.

LA12850Providing clean low mids and tight punchy bass, the 800 watt 12” LA12850’s shallow cast frame and T/S parameter set will allow it to work in ultra-compact vented systems and allow very tight packaging in line arrays or other systems where overall depth is limited. Measuring less than 5” deep, the LA12850’s super stiff paper cone is driven by a 4” voice coil and a powerful vented ceramic motor assembly. “The LA12850 can be horn loaded in designs without close fitting phase plugs as the LA12850’s cap is not inverted.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. “Not a problem for most modern bass horn designs.”

LA15850The LA15850 is Eminence’s most compact 15” cast frame Professional Series model. At only 5.5” deep, the LA15850 can also be used in small conventional vented enclosures when you need a great high power mid/bass driver.

“These LA models are the shallowest depth, high power models in our entire product line.” said McNutt. “They’re designed to help you fit it into very tight spaces like in line array boxes.”

Visit product pages: LA10850 | LA12850 | LA15850

Download PDF spec sheets: LA10850 | LA12850 | LA15850

Kappa Pro 15B

Our popular Kappa Pro 15 model is now available in 16 ohm, and is recommended for professional audio in a vented mid-bass or bass enclosure, and is also suitable for bass guitar.

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

Kappa Pro 15LFC

A 4 ohm version of our Kappa Pro 15LF-2, the Kappa Pro 15LFC is a long throw, low frequency woofer recommended for pro audio in a vented bass enclosure.

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

New Guitar Speaker Models for 2014

January 7,2014

Eminence is proud to announce the following new additions to the Legend™, Patriot™, Red Coat™ and Signature series guitar speakers for 2014. See and hear all of these new models at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 23-26.

Patriot 620H

Patriot 620H 6" guitar speakerFeaturing a hemp cone, 1” voice coil and lightweight 15 oz. ceramic magnet, the 4 ohm 620H offers 20 watts of warm, full, and clean tone that will make a small, thin amp sound bigger and fatter.

“The 620H is the little brother to the 8” 820H we introduced last year.” said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist. “The 620H sounds cleaner, warmer and fatter, with better definition than any stock 6.5” speaker you will find. A perfect upgrade to just about any small amp on the market, particularly a Fender Champion 600.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet


Red Coat CV-75A new addition to the Red Coat™ Series of guitar speakers is the British-voiced 12” CV-75.

Featuring a British cone, 1.75” voice coil and 56 oz. magnet, the CV-75 offers complete tonal balance – grunt and punch in the lows, warm/tailored mids, and nice, clear, open/airy highs. The name says it all: Ceramic

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magnet, offering Vintage tone, rated at 75 watts.

“We’re very excited about this new speaker because we’ve been working on perfecting it for over 10 years.” said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist. “Many of our OEM customers have been asking for something that could improve upon what hand-made British speakers from 20 to 30 years ago used to sound like. We’re extremely pleased with the result.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

Legend EM12

Legend EM12A new addition to our popular Legend™ Series of guitar speakers is the 12”, 200 watt Legend EM12.

As the name suggests, the Legend™ Series offers classic tones from the past that have been utilized and made popular by many Eminence OEM amplifier customers since 1966. Featuring a 2.5” voice coil, 80 oz. ceramic magnet, and die-cast aluminum basket, the Legend EM12 features ultra-clean tone with big, round, punchy lows and warm, smooth mids and highs.

“We’ve received a lot of calls over the years from guitar players looking for a 12” high-powered speaker that can deliver ultra-clean tone.” said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist. “Our Delta Pro 12A from our Professional Series was the only thing we had to offer until now. Unlike the Delta Pro, the Legend EM12 is optimized specifically for guitar players, and offers a more neutral tone so you can hear more of your amp and guitar.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

Legend 1275

Legend 1275Also new to the Legend™ Series is the 12”, 75 watt British-voiced Legend 1275.

As the name suggests, the Legend™ Series offers classic tones from the past that have been utilized and made popular by many Eminence OEM amplifier customers since 1966. Featuring a British cone, 1.5” voice coil and 34 oz. ceramic magnet, the Legend 1275 offers tight, punchy lows, warm mids, and crisp, articulate, open highs.

“Often times we’re asked what speaker from our line is equivalent to a custom OEM design in this amp, or that amp.” said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist. “With the Legend 1275, we wanted to offer something that combined the best tonal qualities from several of these most highly sought-after amp tones.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet


George Alessandro GA-SC64Following the successful collaborative effort on the Eric Johnson Signature EJ1250 guitar speaker, Eminence Speaker and amp guru George Alessandro have teamed up once again to develop a 12” guitar speaker with vintage sounds circa 1964, the GA-SC64.

Well-balanced from top to bottom, the GA-SC64’s warm, dynamic character lends itself to vintage amps as well as modern gain and distortion. The traditional build materials offer warmth, dynamics, low note articulation and proper distorted harmonic content layering.

“The early 1960’s was a time when things were simpler. Studios were recording with one or two analog tape tracks. Stereo records were high tech, and hum canceling pickups were still awaiting a patent.” said George Alessandro, President, Alessandro High-End Products. “The warm, full character of the GA-SC64 brings you back to those days when used in vintage amps. While many things have advanced in 50 years, the tone of 1964 still rings true with this unique guitar speaker.”

Visit product page | Download PDF spec sheet

Eminence Adds a 1″ Compression Driver

September 30,2013

Eminence Speaker proudly introduces a new compression driver to their popular line of HF products, the PSD:2013.

Expanding on the success of the popular PSD:2002 model, the 85 watt PSD:2013 features a 1” throat and offers a smoother frequency response through an improved voice coil design, reducing moving mass and increasing high frequency extension.

PSD:2013“It can be argued that the PSD:2002 compression driver, and all of its OEM variations, have been loaded in more PA cabinets and enjoyed by more people over the years than any other compression driver in the world.” says Matt Marcum, Design Engineer at Eminence. “With that in mind, we knew we should begin this venture with the mature and historical reliability of the dome we’ve all appreciated at some point. Then we applied every improvement we could discover in order to yield the most value possible from this American made device.”

With a sensitivity rating of over 108

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dB, the PSD:2013 also features a 2” voice coil, 34 oz. ferrite magnet, and has a usable frequency range of 1.5 kHz to 20 kHz.

Employee Spotlight: Mayme Steinmetz

We are Eminence August 29,2013

"That woman worked me to death!!" This was a phrase that I heard uttered by a young man who was working along one of the greatest workers that Eminence Speaker has ever seen. He was describing how hard he was working while trying to keep up with Mayme Steinmetz. She is, without a doubt, one of the hardest workers I have ever had the privilege to work with.

I have a unique perspective as I have worked alongside Mayme in the Packing Department and Box Line. When I was an Assistant Supervisor in the packing department, Mayme was always giving 100%. She is a great example to the younger generation of workers coming in as well as those of us that have been here for a few years. I would put her work ethic up against any person I’ve ever met. Eminence is fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed worker.

Thomas Edison said, "There is no substitute for hard work." So by definition, there is no substitute for Mayme Steinmetz. I sat down and talked with Mayme exactly one day after her 23rd anniversary here at Eminence….without missing a day, I might add!

JM: Mayme, tell me about what you did before coming to Eminence Speaker?

MS: I worked at Brunswick for 12 years before they went on strike. But I didn’t cross the picket line to go back to work. Instead, I went to work at Electrowire in Shelbyville for a couple of years until I wound up working for AmToy. I was at their Shelbyville plant for 12 years also.

JM: So, how did you wind up here at Eminence?

MS: I met a lady during my time at AmToy that came to work here named, Jane Wilson. She got me to come over and talk to Eminence about a job. They hired me on the spot! But I told them I needed to give my two weeks’ notice at my other job. I went and talked with the plant manager and told them that I would be leaving.

JM: How did that news go over?

MS: He didn’t want me to go but he told me I always would have a job there if I ever needed it.

JM: So what has kept you here at Eminence for so much longer than the other places you’ve worked?

MS: Well, I came here because I was single at the time and there was more money to be made here at Eminence. The profit sharing program was very attractive. Now, I am looking at just a few more years before I retire. It’s nice to work this close to your home.

JM: Let’s change gears a little bit. With my own experience of working with you…..there are few folks that I could count on to work as hard and be as diligent with their tasks as you are. Anyone that has worked with you knows that you give it your all. What do you attribute that to?

MS: There are days that you feel bad and don’t want to come in. But I think that I have always had a high level of work ethic. It’s always meant a lot to me to be here on time and do the work I am given. When you are one of eleven kids in the family, you learn to work! Some folks have gotten mad at me over the years for not talking so much when I’m working. It’s nothing personal; it’s just that when I’m working, I’m working.

JM: What are some things you are most proud of or your favorite memory here?

MS: Making it for 23 years is something that I’m proud of. There are a lot of good memories in those years. When I started here, I worked on the Final Lines. I’ve worked a little bit of everywhere in here at some point from the Packing Line to the Press Room. I never did like the jobs where I have to sit all day. That is part of why I prefer the Packing Department; you are constantly moving around.

JM: What would you tell the younger folks that are coming into the workforce here?

MS: Some of the work is hard and some of it is not. The 4 day week work schedule is nice. It’s a good place to work. When we get good profit sharing, it makes it worthwhile. But mostly, I’d tell them to improve their work ethic. There are a lot of people out there but few who really want to work.

JM: Mayme, thank you for your service here and for taking the time today to sit and talk with me about it.

Josh Martin is the Technology Sales Manager at Eminence Speaker.

Employee Spotlight: Jane Holbrook

We are Eminence July 24,2013

“I was excited to get on here.”  That is a phrase that many of our veteran workforce at Eminence Speaker have uttered.  For much of the history of Eminence Speaker, this has been a tough place to gain employment because the turnover rate had been so low.  Once you were in, you stayed in and did everything you could to maintain your employment.

Jane Holbrook is one of those people who are genuinely appreciative of what she has.  She is a very dependable worker and her quality of work speaks for itself.  She has been married for almost 30 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  Her Supervisor, Sharon Daugherty, has this to say about Jane:

“Jane is one of my most dependable and dedicated employees that we have.  All I have to do is tell her what we need and she gives 100 % in getting it done, with the quality we expect. I don’t have to stand over her or double check her work because she wants her work to be the best it can be, and that’s just one of the reasons why I like having Jane on my team.”

Jane is a very valuable asset to the Eminence Speaker family and is a great employee for us to shine a spotlight on for this month.  I sat down with Jane to talk with her about her time here at Eminence:

JM:  So, Jane, how long have you worked here at Eminence?

JH:  It will be 20 years this month.   It took me 2 years to get on full time but I’ve always wanted to work here.

JM:  Why is that?

JH: Eminence was always talked about as a good place to work.  I went and talked with Bob Gault and told him that I wanted to work and retire from here.  He said that people either retire from Eminence or are working here when they die.  So, I was hired in to work on dayshift.

JM:  I will ask you about working in a moment, but where did you work prior to Eminence?

JH:  I worked at Lake Jericho Veneer.  We were working about 26 hours of overtime each week when I came to work here at Eminence.

JM:  What job responsibilities do you have here at Eminence?

JH: I work in the compression driver department making the domes, blanks, and caps.  I work at the heat stage machine, dome former, and dome stomper.  I also will tie off coils as they come from the ovens.   Those are the primary job functions but I have also filled in on the coil line and final lines when needed.

JM:  What do you think is the key to doing a job well?

JH:  I think you have to take ownership in your job.  You need to do a good job because you want to do a good job.  We do not send our components to anyone if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves.

JM:  How were things here at the plant when you first started?

JH:  My first supervisor here was really tough on us, but profit sharing was really good back then.  If you did your job and don’t cause trouble, the company will take care of you.  We are like a big family.  We will have disagreements but you’ve got to get over that.

JM:  And what are your thoughts about things here today?

JH:  I feel safe here.  I wouldn’t give up working here for anything.  I don’t like to miss.  Sharon is a great supervisor.  She helps you get through things that you never thought you’d get through.

JM:  What would you tell the younger generation just coming into our workforce?

JH:  I would tell them that this is a good place to work.  You need to listen, watch, learn, and grow with the company and they will take care of you.  Don’t buy into the negative comments of some people.

JM:  Thanks for your time, Jane.

Written by Josh Martin, Eminence’s Technology Sales Manager

Eminence Introduces a 1.4″ Exit Compression Driver

June 10,2013

Eminence is proud to add a 1.4” exit compression driver to their popular line of HF products, the PSD:3014.

PSD3014 - 1.4" exit compression driverWith a 100 watt continuous AES power rating, the PSD:3014 features a 3” voice coil and a recommended minimum crossover frequency of 800 Hz. “Sporting the same family resemblance of the PSD:3006, you would be hard pressed to find a compression driver that reliably plays as low and as loud as the PSD:3014,” says Matt Marcum, Design Engineer at Eminence. “It’s a large, robust, and well-made device which offers the most bang for the buck that I’m aware of…everything that ‘Made in America’ signifies.”

See the PSD:3014 at the Eminence Speaker booth #1171 at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, June 12-14, or online here.

Download the spec sheet

Eminence FDM guitar speaker demo by Josh Smith

April 25,2013


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you’re a guitar player and you have ever been told you’re stage volume is too loud, welcome to the club. We like to crank our tube amps up to get that sweet tone, but often times we end up too loud, especially in smaller venues and practice situations. With the Eminence FDM (Flux Density Modulation) guitar speakers, you can literally dial back the volume without losing the tone and feel you’re after. Our good friend Josh Smith offers a great explanation from a guitarist’s point of view, and demos both models: The British-voiced ReignMaker from the Red Coat series, and the American-voiced Maverick from the Patriot series. Both speakers are rated at 75 watts, and when the dial is set to maximum attenuation, can drop the overall volume by nearly 9 dB. That’s like taking a 100 watt amp down to 12 watts.

How to remove the heat sink from a Kilomax Pro 18A for reconing.

Tech Talk With Big Tony April 25,2013

Rated at 1,250 watts, the Kilomax Pro 18A and 15A models require an aluminum heat sink to help dissipate heat. As with all loudspeakers, there is a chance a

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Kilomax can eventually need reconing. In order to replace the cone in these models, you first have to remove this heat sink. Anthony Lucas, Eminence Speaker Tech Support, demonstrates how to remove the heat sink in this video.

The D-fend SA300 is now available!

April 9,2013

Eminence Speaker LLC is proud to introduce the D-fend™ SA300, a fully programmable stand-alone unit designed to protect passive loudspeakers from excessive power conditions. A patent-pending technology, D-fend™ allows maximum driver performance while ensuring damage-free operation.

D-fend SA300With D-fend there are no more worries about blown speakers, HF drivers or crossovers. Or even worse: fire caused by excessive heat. Not only does D-fend keep your system safe, but your venue and audience as well. The user simply sets the thresholds and D-fend monitors and limits the amount of input power it passes through to the loudspeaker. It’s USB compatible, and can be programmed to your specifications from a desktop or laptop. Operating from a standard speaker-level signal, the D-fend SA300 requires no auxiliary power unless being used in low-power applications.

SA300 retail cartonD-fend loudspeaker protection is ideal for system installers, PA gear rental companies, OEM manufacturers, and any end-users who own passive loudspeakers.

“The D-fend SA300 is a truly unique and versatile product”, says Josh Martin, Technology Sales Manager at Eminence. “The on-board microprocessor allows you to customize attack, release, and threshold settings in order to maximize loudspeaker performance while keeping it safe; an achievement unseen within the audio industry. Whether you’re an installer or a rental company, you can have peace of mind someone isn’t accidentally destroying your investment and reputation.”

The D-fend™ SA300 is available to resellers through Eminence’s dealer and distributor network, and is also available direct to the consumer through Learn more about the D-fend™ SA300 April 10 – 13 at the Adam Hall exhibit at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, or online at and