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NAMM 2015 Artist Appearances

January 12,2015

We’re looking very forward to seeing all of our good friends at the 2015 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. If you plan on attending the show you definitely want to stop by and see our new products, check out our product demo room, and see the following artists demoing all the great tones we have available. We’re at booth #4334 in Hall C.

We’re excited to have Tomo Fujita with us all week. As many of you know, Tomo is a solo artist and Berklee Associate Professor. A couple of his former students include John Mayer and Eric Krasno. Stop by and say hi to Tomo. He’s as great a guy as he is a player!


Tomo Fujita – 1:00
Pennal Johnson – 3:00
Eric Gales and Tomo Fujita – 4:00


Josh Smith and Tomo Fujita – 11:00
Eric Gales and Tomo Fujita – 2:00


Tomo Fujita – 1:00
Chris Poland, Robby Pagliari and David Eagle – 2:00


Tomo Fujita – 11:00, 2:00
Pennal Johnson – 1:00


New Products for 2015

January 10,2015

Eminence is proud to announce the following new Pro Audio and Musical Instrument Loudspeakers and HF products for 2015. See all of these new models at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 22-25.

Pro 5W-8

Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

Small in size, large in performance. Featuring an advanced X5™ pulp cone, high temperature copper wire voice coil, and truncated cast frame chassis, the Pro 5W can handle your most demanding midbass, midrange, line array, or column array applications.

Pro 5MRN-8

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Weighing a mere 2 lbs., the Pro 5MRN neodymium midrange / tweeter driver features a wide usable frequency range and water resistant epoxy treated paper cone for a warm, rich tone. The truncated cast frame chassis allows for tight placement in your pro audio or car audio cabinet, and pair it with a Kappalite model for the ultimate in ultra-light bass guitar performance.

Delta Pro 10MR

Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

A highly efficient 10” cast frame midrange driver for use in professional audio and car audio applications.

Definimax 4012ULF

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A high-power, ultra-low frequency enhanced version of the popular Definimax 4012HO. Perfect for horn loading, or in micro-sized vented subwoofers for lots of clean punch and deep lows.

Definimax 4015ULF

Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

A high-power, ultra-low frequency enhanced version of the popular Definimax 4015LF. Perfect for horn loading, or in small to medium-sized vented subwoofers for lots of clean punch and deep lows.


1.4″ exit HF Driver
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2″ exit HF Driver
Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

We’ve set a new standard in compression driver performance with the introduction of these lightweight neodymium models.

Their 3” titanium diaphragms feature a geodesic rib pattern for increased stiffness and break-up control, while their polymer surrounds utilize our new D3™ technology (Damped Diametric Drive) to provide a smooth, clean, and extended response while still allowing a low crossover point.

With a power rating of 100 watts (AES) and a sensitivity of 110 dB, the 8 ohm N314T-8 and N320T-8 weigh in at a mere 5 lbs., and feature a broad usable frequency range of 800 Hz to 20 kHz.


Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

A rugged, cast aluminum 1.4” throat horn, incorporating an exponential flare for optimized acoustic loading and energy transfer, resulting in a smooth and natural frequency response. Its compact size makes it ideal for sound reproduction in virtually any venue.


Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

A 25 watt driver and die cast horn combination optimized specifically for bass guitar applications.




Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

Eric Johnson, George Alessandro and Eminence have teamed up once again to reinvent vintage tone. Through a reformulated paper cone and optimized basket design, the 40 watt EJ-1240 offers vintage Alnico tone with tight, punchy lows, nice lower-mid growl, crisp upper-mids, and very controlled, articulate, and open highs.


Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

Eminence has teamed up with Internationally known solo artist and Berklee College of Music Professor Tomo Fujita to create this unique Signature series model. A touch sensitive, bright and chimey vintage American tone with tight, punchy lows and nice, even mids. The 30 oz. ceramic magnet provides lower efficiency, which allows you to find the amp’s sweet spot at lower volumes.


Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

Tones of 1964 still ring true in this vintage voiced 10” speaker by amp guru George Alessandro. Very balanced with dynamic character, this ceramic 10” speaker offers tight, punchy tone with nice warmth, richness, and sparkling highs.


Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

A ceramic version of our popular Red Fang 10 alnico. A round and beefy British tone with abundant harmonic detail, full lows, and nice grit and chime.


Legend CA10

Visit product page / Download spec sheet / Download images

Made famous as an OEM model in many popular bass guitar cabinet brands, this highly sought after design features a truncated cast frame chassis for tight fitting in your 2x, 4x and 8×10 cabinet. Loud and clear bass guitar tone with legendary growl. Available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 ohm impedances.


Eminence Names New Engineering Department Head, Promotes Two.

January 5,2015

Eminence is pleased to announce industry veteran Jerry McNutt has been promoted to Product Design Manager. Two additional promotions within the Engineering department include Matt Marcum to the position of Senior Design Engineer, and Anthony Lucas to the position of Design Engineer.

Jerry McNuttJerry McNutt has served Eminence as a Senior Design Engineer for over 17 years, and has been responsible for some of the company’s most notable products and advancements in technology. “Jerry has an excellent rapport with our engineering team as well as the entire Eminence organization, and most importantly our customer base.” said company President Chris Rose. “His knowledge of the Pro Audio, Home Hi-Fi, Musical Instrument, and the audio industry in general make him the ideal candidate for this position.”

Matt MarcumMatt Marcum has been a Design Engineer with Eminence for over 10 years. While well versed in all aspects of loudspeaker design and technology, his knowledge of high frequency devices ranks among the best of the best. “We are confident that Matt’s experience and expertise will continue to result in a stable of notable and very useful products for our customers in the years to come.” continued Rose.


Anthony LucasAnthony Lucas has worked his way through the ranks of Eminence to become one of the most notable musical instrument loudspeaker designers in the guitar amplifier industry. His ability to manipulate and create tone have resulted in over 40 new and unique guitar speakers designs during his tenure with Eminence. “Anthony’s contributions to the world of guitar tone have been outstanding, and we are confident Anthony will continue to create products that are first choices among guitar players throughout the world.”


Raging Snail Amplification

October 7,2014

Name: Raging Snail Amplification
Year Established: 2014
Location: Oregon, IL

How did Raging Snail Amplification get started and what got you interested in building amplifiers?

A few years back I bought my first tube amp. It sounded great and it was a higher end brand, but within three months the power transformer blew twice. I was really dissapointed since I had paid good money for it and never had abused it. I finally decided to learn how to fix and build amps myself. I took a weekend amp seminar at the Chicago School of Guitarmaking and since then I’ve been addicted to anything tube. I continued to study, modify, and design amps at home unitl Raging Snail was born.

What makes Raging Snail different from other boutique amps? Anything in particular that sets your company apart?

Raging Snail AmplificationA lot of boutique companies take old designs that sounded great and just copy or modify them, but never ask what made it sound so good. I deviate a lot from traditional topology to maximize those characteristics while correcting the problems that those amps have. I run the preamp at much higher currents and use pentodes later in the preamp. This allows me too get the the thick power tube like distortion in the preamp and still have full volume control. Our solid wood cabinets are really eye-catching, too. Wood is so beautiful, it just doesn’t feel right covering it up with paper, cloth, or paint.

What type of user controls does your amp provide for the user?

Gain and volume for both channels, a shared three band Eq, and foot-switchable channel switching.

Are there any particular tonal characteristics that you work toward when building an amp?

I’m very picky about how my distortion sounds. It needs to be super clear at max gain, and not fuzzy. I want each note to sound like it is dripping. It also needs to have the biggest, punchiest bass imaginable.

What was your first impression of Eminence?

I was given an old custom 2×12 that had unmarked Eminence speakers in them. They were the best speakers I had ever heard.

Why did you choose Eminence for your amps?

They sounded great, very affordable, and you give great customer service.

Which speakers did you go with and why?

I went with the Tonkers. Their scooped midrange, extended highs, and low resonant frequency made a perfect compliment to my amps.

How do you evaluate the speakers you choose?

I just plug them in and listen to see if they are a good match.

Where can people find out more about Raging Snail online?

You can go to or visit us on facebook.

Where can your amps be purchased?

You can go to Randee’s Music Center in Rockford, IL or you can order direct from us.


Eminence Partners with Shopatron

July 28,2014

In a combined effort to provide end-users with the convenience of purchasing directly from their website while continuing to support their extensive distribution network of brick-and-mortar and online retailers, Eminence has partnered with Shopatron.

ShopatronA patented, cloud-based e-commerce order exchange model, Shopatron allows manufacturers and retailers to seamlessly leverage the available inventory of every storefront and distribution center that stocks Eminence products when fulfilling online orders. Today, leading multi-channel retailers, over 1,000 branded manufacturers, and 20,000 local retail stores use Shopatron to expand the delivery options for shoppers when they purchase online, including the ability to receive and return their orders in nearby retail locations.

“Shopatron offers manufacturers like us the best of both worlds,” said Gary Morrison, Eminence US Distribution Sales Manager. “We’re able to capture a sale directly from our website, and then hand that order off to one of our retail partners for immediate fulfillment. Everybody wins. This program will encourage our retailers to stock more Eminence models, making Eminence products more readily available across the USA for our consumers. Dealers can fulfill the orders we generate and increase their sales simply by having the items in stock.”

For more information about Shopatron, visit

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Employee Spotlight: Paul Woodcox

We are Eminence July 21,2014

Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, is no stranger to problem solving. In his newest book “Creativity, Inc.” he describes how Pixar is able to produce such great movies. Problem solving is a huge part of that. He says, “The responsibility for finding and fixing problems should be assigned to every employee, from the most senior manager to the lowliest new hire.” Here at Eminence, we’ve got some great thinkers and problem solvers, not the least of which is Paul Woodcox. Everyone in the plant knows Paul. He has been involved in solving problems for every manufacturing and engineering department within Eminence. His supervisor, Kevin Parrish, has this to say about Paul:

“Paul’s meticulous and analytical approach to dealing with everything from normal day-to-day manufacturing issues, to major problems, makes him a great fit for the Manufacturing Engineering Department.”

I sat down with Paul recently to talk about his time here at Eminence.

JM: How long have you worked here at Eminence?

PW: I’ve been here for 12 years.

JM: Where did you work previously and how’d you wind up at Eminence?

PW: I used to work for a company called Interwood Forrest Products. We dealt in Veneer and different forms of lumber. I was a manager there until the company had to downsize, at which time they let several of us managers go. I was there for about 12 years as well. They took good care of us when they downsized, though. It was as good of an ending as you could have asked for considering the circumstances.

As far as getting hired on here, I’ve been trying to do that since I’ve been an adult. It’s been hard to get on here. When things at Interwood ended, I tried again. I was called in by Carla Jones for hire. I started working on the Round Table on the final lines and worked into the Manufacturing Technician position.

JM: You were in the military for a few years as well, right?

PW: Yes, Marine Corp. 7 years.

JM: So what type of skills does a person have to have in order to be a Manufacturing Technician?

PW: Well, I had worked as a production manager at Interwood and have been involved in manufacturing all my life except for the 7 years I was in the Marines. So, I’ve had a lot of experience with this type of work and the processes involved in manufacturing. You need to have a very scientific and analytical mindset. This job requires a high level of mechanical aptitude and mathematical capabilities. Generally, you need to be a good problem solver.

JM: So, not to make things sound easier than they are, but you guys are really problem solvers for the manufacturing side of the operation. Would that be a correct assessment?

PW: Mostly. Our job is to troubleshoot everything in the plant. We are always looking for ways to make things more efficient and improve upon our manufacturing processes and the quality of work life.

JM: What is your favorite part of your job?

PW: That’s a tough question! It’s hard to narrow it down. I love my job. It’s something different every day. You never know what the day may bring and that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable. I love the people who work here. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people here and it is like a family.

JM: I know your department has been involved with job shadowing. How is that going?

PW: Honestly, it has really opened our eyes to what it really takes to do our job. There are a lot of things that we take for granted because we’ve done this for so long. When you bring someone in that doesn’t have that experience, it really opens your eyes to what is needed for this job and how much knowledge our team really possesses.

JM: What would you say to new workers that come to Eminence?

PW: I would first advise them to be patient. Take the time to learn about what we do here in every department. Learn what all goes on here and how the manufacturing works. Take the time to learn how we produce a tremendous amount of quality while being efficient and staying competitive in our market.

JM: Paul, you know this as well as I do, a guy with your background and skill set could work just about anywhere. What keeps you here?

PW: Everything we just talked about. I love the job and the people. The people here have been a privilege to work with. They beat the other people I’ve worked with in my life, hands down.

JM: Paul, thanks for all the work you do and for talking with me this morning.


Eminence Redesigns the Legends, Patriots and Redcoats

July 17,2014

Legend_1275--1For nearly two decades, the Legend, Patriot, and Redcoat series of guitar and bass speakers from Eminence have become some of the most recognizable and respected musical instrument loudspeakers on the market. And while the great tones will remain unchanged, Eminence has unveiled a new look to these popular designs.

Since their introduction over a decade ago, the Patriot and Redcoat models have featured grey and red powder coat painted chassis, as well as backplate labels with the American and British flag themes. Texas_Heat--1Very distinguishable from both an appearance and a tonal perspective, these highly successful models followed in the footsteps of the Legend series and helped solidify Eminence’s position in the guitar and bass speaker market. The models in these two series will now feature black electrocoat painted chassis, and along with the Legend series will feature redesigned backplate labels.

“To the end user, it’s tone and price that matter most,” said Cobi Stein, Marketing and Artist Relations Manager at Eminence. “But to an OEM amplifier and/or cabinet builder, product cosmetics can rank just as high. Governor_16--1The loudspeaker is one of the largest and most important components in their finished product, and our goal with these design updates is to offer a more refined style with a classic appearance that underscores each product’s classic tone.”


CV-75 Guitar Speaker Demo

June 26,2014

Bassist for Razer and former Krank Product Manager Chris Catero and band mate Jordan Ziff recently contacted us to talk guitar speakers. After hearing what tonal characteristics they were looking for we decided they needed to give our CV-75 British-voiced model from our Redcoat series a try. Apparently we hit the nail on the head, because they were so taken with the tones from this speaker they decided to share their thoughts in this video. Very well done!

Be sure to check out Razer at


Employee Spotlight: Lisa Willhite

We are Eminence June 9,2014

“Never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Persistence is not letting inclement weather keep you from taking a hike through the mountains. Stubbornness is refusing to take an umbrella. There is a fine line between those two things; persistence and stubbornness. In fact, the line is so thin that it is hard for a person to self-declare that they are one or the other. We usually need others to tell us.

Lisa Willhite finds herself in a position here at Eminence where she often needs to be persistent. Stubbornness would certainly not do. But she often has to see things through and make sure that they are correct. She often has to be the communicator for various departments and people. When problems arise in production, they often call for Lisa.

Her supervisor, Tom James, has this to say of Lisa: “Lisa Willhite came to the Product Design department from the production environment. We benefit greatly from that shared knowledge: It is an essential element in designing new product. That experience, coupled with her hard-working attitude and concern for product quality, makes for a great combination.”

I sat down with Lisa to discuss her time here at Eminence.

JM: Lisa, how long have you been here at Eminence?

LW: I’ve been here for 20 years.

JM: Tell me a little about how you got to where you are now.

LW: Well, I started out working in production on the final lines. I moved around some to different departments in the first 10 years. I also worked in the Voice Coil Department, Compression Driver Department, and the Box Line. I’ve spent the last 10 years in the Lab as a Lab Technician.

JM: How did you wind up in the Lab?

LW: They posted a job bid for the position. I was wanting to do something different from what I had been doing and knew that this would be a challenge. So I signed the job bid and won the bid.

JM: What had you done prior to working here at Eminence?

LW: I worked at the old Brunswick factory for 10 years. I left there to come to Eminence because this was the place to work. I hate to say it this way but it used to be that someone had to die or retire before there was even a possibility of getting on here. When the opportunity came to better myself, I took it.

JM: What does a normal day look like for you and what are your job responsibilities as a the Senior Lab Technician?

LW: My day is usually very hectic. We have many customers that require various forms of testing for each order that we run for them. We do that testing in the Lab. We power test speakers to make sure that they meet their power ratings. We also build samples for all of our OEM customers here. Basically anything that ever goes into mass production, we have built it first in the Lab.

JM: I know that you guys often do some quality control things as well.

LW: Yes. We often get called to the production lines to “ok” or inspect certain things that might raise concern with an order. We will help out our QA department with things like this.

JM: What are some things that you’ve seen change in your time here?

LW: Our Engineering Department is more team-oriented than it has been in the past. We really work well as a team. It seems like people are being utilized better now than in the past as well. The production layout is structured better to allow for better efficiency. It has just taken some time to try things out and see what works best. We are always learning ways to do things better.

JM: You hardly hear of people staying at one job for 20 years anymore. What are some of the things that keep people like you here for 20 years?

LW: The benefits here are really, really good. I don’t think people realize how good our insurance plan is. The 4-day work week is nice too. It’s nice to have a three day weekend on most weekends. There are some great people here too; they are like family.

JM: What kind of qualities do you think people need to have to work here and what advice would you give newly hired employees?

LW: You need to be a team player. It is crucial to what we do here. You can’t be working against each other. And I would recommend that they not get comfortable in one department. Learn all that you can about our processes. Learn how things work and why we do the things we do.

JM: Thanks for your time, Lisa!


Electric Amp

May 16,2014

Name: Electric Amp, USA
Year Established: 2004
Location: Spokane, WA and Kernersville, NC

How did Electric Amp get started and what got you interested in building amplifiers?

Electric Amp, USAElectric Amp was started out of the sheer ambition to make amps and speaker cabinets that capture the spirit of the early tones created by tube amps and construct them in a way that would be stronger in design than any amp I had ever owned or worked on.

Also, to consistently make amplifiers and speaker cabs that would not change format in the way they are built or change the components used to build them. I wanted the
 Electric Amp Units of 2014 to be still built like the ones we started out with in 2004. To date we have managed to do that. It’s great from a maintenance and service aspect when talking to technicians and customers.

The interest to build tube amps was created by default to continue what I had previously started with MATAMP USA in 1997 and ended in 2005 when I ceased production with the little shop in the United Kingdom. I had specific designs ready to build and just decided to go for it.

What makes Electric Amps different from other boutique amps? Anything in particular that sets your company apart?

Probably the cult following with our GREEN Electric Amp units and the cosmetic customization. People buy our amps without ever playing one because they know the strong affiliation of the tone and volume that Electric Amp USA represents in the recording industry. The Electric Amp “EA RIPPER” Chassis definitely sets our company apart. No other company uses 14 gauge Detroit steel for it’s chassis and 12 gauge roll bars with powder coat finishes. Each amp is built one at a time and when you get your amp unit only two people have touched it and played it. The amps are made to perform. It’s like getting a factory race bike, stripped down and simple. Also, the amps are so easy to service and maintain. No weird little screws in odd spots or mystery to how it to put it up on the bench to service. Amps take a lot of abuse so it was important to build one that is capable of taking abuse from shippers and being on the road. I have been told that they are overkill, but they are just killer. . .

I think that when you pull an Electric Amp, USA unit out of it’s amp sleeve and set it on the bench, just upon sight it sets our company apart.

What type of user controls does your amp provide for the user?

Electric Amp's EA - Volume unit.Real straight forward amp front end controls. EA-USA Volume Unit has 6 knobs and is a pure expression of clean tube amplification. EA-USA Master Volume Unit has 7 knobs and is unique in the way the gain [ FUZZ KNOB ] attacks the tubes that permits it to be put at zero without turning off the circuit. The EA-USA Power Unit is a simple 3 knob amp that once you play it makes you wonder why we make amps with more knobs. Recently we released the REVOLUTION UNIT which is a 5 knob amp that recreates 1972 to 1974 in a brilliant fashion.

All of these control configurations are available in 120 watt EL34 and 180 watt KT88 amps. We also do 60 watt and 80 watt versions with GZ34 Rectifiers.

Are there any particular tonal characteristics that you work toward when building an amp?

Most definitely the tone and vibe is that of early Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
 The full big round clean bottom end tones that are super warm represent the foundation of 
all of the Electric Amp Units. The amps are very versatile from clean Henry Mancini tones to crushing face melting rock and roll.

What was your first impression of Eminence?

My first impression was in 1994 and it was the loudest show I had ever been to. So loud that the Seattle fire department shut down the show due to the volume.

Why did you choose Eminence for your amps?

I first started ordering Eminence speakers in 1997 and had a great experience with the speakers and the customer service. We used a lot of Eminence speakers in the Matamp USA speaker cabinets. Then in 2003 when I started designing cabs for Electric Amp USA I went to Eminence with my ideas and the speaker models from the early 1970’s that I was fond of and was given expert input from Eminence. When we started building cabs in 2004 it was perfect timing as Eminence was launching a whole new line of speakers. Eminence has always provided excellent service and have always treated me with a lot of respect and encouragement.

Which speakers did you go with and why?

We played a specific role in the debut of the Man O’ War and the TONKER because it was designed with the specifications I specifically was after but with higher output capacity. The Electric Amp USA 6×12 has proven to be a very popular cabinet and with the help of Eminence all of our cabs are tuned to accommodate these speakers. It was a perfect match and an All American affiliation that was a bonus. The 12″, 10″ & 15″ speakers
all have proven to be super quality and great sounding. Very rare occasion have I ever had another speaker put into our cabs. I tell the customers that request other speakers that I would rather send them an empty cab then compromise the sound and quality they will experience with our cabs loaded with Eminence. It’s the best choice.

How do you evaluate the speakers you choose?

Back in 2004 I was really up on my speaker specs and the vast tones each company had going on at the time. Since about 1994 I have tested hundreds of new and original vintage speakers. Eminence provided clear data and was willing to bring the new line tailored for my applications. Testing speakers in cabs with various guitars and bass guitars was the final method to making the clear decision. Hours of playing Santo & Johnny songs and my favorite Black Sabbath riffs help determine which speakers sounded best.

Where can people find out more about Electric Amp online?

Our main website is and the color logo sites are at , , and . We have a new site in process which if time permits will be up and running this year.

Where can your amps be purchased?

All of our gear is sold direct to the customers online. I ceased all dealer and distribution relations in 2004 when Electric Amp, USA started so that each customer could get a direct relationship with their pro audio builder. We were almost out of backorder in 2010, then orders started increasing again creating back order and our extended wait time for gear. Although we still get approached by shop dealers, I still don’t see the need for Electric Amp, USA ever being in any retail environment.