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The Eminence Tone Center

Introducing a sweet sounding breakthrough for retailers!

The Eminence Tone Center.

Loudspeakers are an incredible accessory item for any music store! The poor economy and the consumer’s desire to maintain or upgrade their equipment, rather than buying new, makes it even more important and lucrative to consider. As with all viable accessory items, dealers can enjoy significant margins. Those that creatively display loudspeakers often enjoy thousands of dollars in additional sales volume. What’s more, sales of loudspeakers are a new segment of the market for most dealers…a segment that tends to flourish when sales of other products are down. They also provide dealers an option for consumers who just can’t financially swing a new amplifier.

The Eminence Tone Center is a 4×12 cabinet loaded with four uniquely voiced guitar speakers, and utilizes a 4-way foot switch to allow a player to A/B/C/D a selection of speakers using any amplifier of their choice. With full color graphics and product information cards for each model, this attractive retail display makes a consumer’s purchase decision easy.

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