Guitar / Bass

Most red-blooded American guitar players have a favorite amp tone they dream about. It may be a 50s twang, a 60s groove or the edge of the 90s. Whatever the sound, from the bayou to the blues, the Patriot series has a speaker that can deliver it. From thumping bass, mellow mid-tones or soaring highs, Patriot speakers offer different balances of that spectrum with a wide selection of models. Pick your sound, and then pick your speaker.

Model Name Image Size Voice Coil Diam. Magnet Wt. Power Rating Sensitivity Spec Sheet
CANNABIS REX™12"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.50W101.8 dB
CANNABIS REX™ 1612"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.50W101.8 dB
GUIT-FIDDLE12"2", 51 MM38 OZ.100W100.1 dB
LIL' TEXAS™12"2", 51 MM4 OZ.125W101.2 dB
MAVERICK™12"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.75W92.5 - 99.5 dB
RED WHITE AND BLUES™12"1.75", 44 MM38 OZ.120W101 dB
SWAMP THANG™12"2", 51 MM59 OZ.150W102 dB
SWAMP THANG™ 1612"2", 51 MM59 OZ.150W102.3 dB
TEXAS HEAT™12"2", 51 MM38 OZ.150W99.4 dB
TEXAS HEAT™ 1612"2", 51 MM38 OZ.150W100.2 dB
TEXAS HEAT™ 412"2", 51 MM38 OZ.150W99 dB