Guitar / Bass

The tone that started it all. This long-standing line of guitar speakers didn’t get its name by accident. Known for their power, reliability and value, these rock-solid speakers have backed legendary players in legendary venues. Look inside some of the best sounding amps and you may see a Legend that was factory-installed or put in as a replacement. Either way you’ll know someone knew what tone they wanted and how to get it. If you want to sound like a legend, play one.

Model Name Image Size Voice Coil Diam. Magnet Wt. Power Rating Sensitivity Spec Sheet
LEGEND 1028K10"1", 25 MM6 OZ.35W97.4 dB
LEGEND 1051610"1.5", 38 MM16 OZ.75W99.9 dB
LEGEND 105810"1.5", 38 MM16 OZ.75W98.7 dB