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The World's most trusted brands have Eminence inside.The Eminence roots are in custom manufacturing. The design and assembly of special models for a whole range of leading music equipment companies is still the bulk of Eminence business. Eminence has produced thousands of confidential manufacturer-specific formulas since 1966.

Eminence is one of the very few loudspeaker manufacturers capable of producing a speaker to your exact specifications. The engineering department places hundreds of man years of experience at your disposal. Whether your requirement is for one of the stock models in the Genuine Eminence line or a true custom requirement for a specific product and price point, we invite you to contact us about it.

To qualify as an OEM, we require a minimum order of 50 pieces per spec as well as a copy of your resale tax certificate or business license. The Eminence production capacity is approximately 10,000 transducers per day. With production numbers like this, coupled with over 40 years of experience, it’s no wonder virtually every manufacturer in the world builds equipment powered by Eminence drivers!

As you browse through this section, you will be guided through Eminence Speaker’s processes, policies, and procedures for defining your needs, sampling, placing purchase orders, warranty information, return policy, and billing information.

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