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New Guitar Speaker Models for 2014

January 7, 2014

Eminence Speaker is proud to announce the following new additions to the Legend™, Patriot™, Red Coat™ and Signature series guitar speakers for 2014. See and hear all of these new models at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 23-26.

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Eminence Adds a 1″ Compression Driver

September 30, 2013

Expanding on the success of the popular PSD:2002 model, the 85 watt PSD:2013 features a 1” throat and offers a smoother frequency response through an improved voice coil design, reducing moving mass and increasing high frequency extension.

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Eminence Introduces a 1.4″ Exit Compression Driver

June 10, 2013

With a 100 watt continuous AES power rating, the PSD:3014 features a 3” voice coil and a recommended minimum crossover frequency of 800 Hz.

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The D-fend SA300 is now available!

April 9, 2013

With D-fend there are no more worries about blown speakers, HF drivers or crossovers. Or even worse: fire caused by excessive heat. Not only does D-fend keep your system safe, but your venue and audience as well.

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Eminence Adds Three Lightweight 10”, High-Power Neodymium Models.

January 10, 2013

Eminence Speaker LLC proudly announces the addition of three ultra-lightweight 10” neodymium models to their Kappalite family of professional audio loudspeakers.

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Eminence Offers BIG Sound from an 8” Guitar Speaker.

“There are a lot of 8” amplifiers on the market, but very few have a speaker capable of delivering quality tone.” said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist.

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Eminence Adds a 12” Pedal Steel Guitar Speaker to the Patriot Series.

“Field tested with the leading pedal steel players and equipment manufacturers in Nashville, Arizona, Texas and Los Angeles, we were able to find just the right combination of tone, explosive dynamics and high power handling that they all wanted in a 12” pedal steel driver.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence.

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Eminence Adds a 10” Closed-back Midrange Driver to the American Standard Series.

April 23, 2012

Eminence Speaker LLC proudly introduces a 10" closed-back midrange version of their popular Beta 10A, the Beta 10CBMRA.

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Eminence Speaker Seals a Great Deal

Expanding on the success of their ultra-popular Alpha 6A professional audio loudspeaker, Eminence Speaker LLC proudly introduces a sealed chassis midrange version, the Alpha 6CBMRA.

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Eminence Adds Three Advanced High-Power Loudspeakers to the Professional Series.

January 12, 2012

Eminence is proud to introduce three advanced high-power additions to the Professional Series: the Impero 12A, 15A, and 18A. Italian for “empire”, Impero sets the tone for this elite offering of high quality, hand-built loudspeakers.

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