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Expanding Accessory Items Can Increase Your Bottom Line

May 5, 2011

Loudspeakers are an incredible accessory item for any music store! The poor economy and the consumer’s desire to maintain or upgrade their equipment, rather than buying new, makes it even more important and lucrative to consider. For the cost of a couple of keyboards or amplifiers, any dealer can obtain a nice stock of well regarded replacement and upgrade loudspeakers for musical instrument amplifiers or speaker cabinets. Don’t waste your time though if the plan is to put them on a shelf in the service center. If you kept strings and tuners back there, you wouldn’t sell many of them either.

Replacement and upgrade speakers need to be on the store floor, close to checkout, just like any other accessory. They won’t sell if they are not there where people can see them. Most speaker manufacturers have nice packaging, catalogs, banners, application tools, and technical service departments standing by to help you make recommendations to your customers.

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