Written in Red

Combining several different influences into one sonic package, Southern Chicago’s Written In Red strive to bring as much energy and meaning to their music as possible. Once you mesh that with a very powerful live show, you have nothing less than a band poised for success. Jennifer leads the songs with memorable vocal lines and lyrical content anyone can relate to, Jordan brings lush atmospheres and driving chords with his guitar, and Justin and Robb provide the aggressive backbone rhythm section.

Written In Red started years ago when brothers Justin and Robb began playing together in the earliest incarnation of the band. Along many twists and turns(and band names), Jordan, a long time friend of Justin and Robb’s ended up playing guitar and adding a new dimension to the music the brothers never thought possible. Writing of new material and rewriting of old material began.

Enter Jennifer, a young and talented singer-songwriter that could not only sing, but also play guitar and piano. There was no question. She was the front-person they had always needed. Written In Red is willing to give whatever they have of themselves to take their music as far as it can possibly go.