The Josh Martin Band

No one has ever been able to adequately describe the sound of the Josh Martin Band. With each member coming from different musical backgrounds, the collective mix is unique. The vocal harmonies created by Josh Martin, Kelly Briscoe and Molly Forrest are formed from their days of singing in southern gospel groups. Martin’s accent and acoustic guitar style creates a mix of country and folk. Drummer Andrew Dodson comes from a Jazz background with keyboardist Jeremy Tripplet taking on all styles. Tom James and David Risky both come from the contemporary worship scene.

In the end, the band’s sound isn’t what is important to them. The band’s aim is to bring glory to God through the Gospel. They strive to write theologically rich lyrics that point to a holy God and reveal our need for Jesus Christ. In the band’s opinion, the substance is far greater than the sound. But in the case of the Josh Martin Band, it just so happens that the sound is great as well.