Johnny A.

Johnny A. is widely regarded as one of America’s finest contemporary guitarists.  Johnny A.’s latest works have sold many thousands of copies as well as being his personal best.  The most recent CD’s – 2004′s Get Inside and 1999′s Sometime Tuesday Morning, are the critically acclaimed solo culmination of a lifetime of learning, sharing and bonding in a long parade of bands and players.

He played with artists like former Derek and the Dominos keyboardist Bobby Whitlock before hooking up with legendary J. Geils Band front man Peter Wolf.  Johnny stayed with Wolf for seven years, playing on his albums and co-producing one of them – 1996′s Long Line, as well as supporting the charismatic singer onstage around the world.  During this period, in 1994, the Gibson Guitar Company first recognized Johnny’s talents, announcing that the company was officially endorsing his fruitful career.

Johnny released Sometime Tuesday Morning, a solo instrumental guitar album, on his own label for his own enjoyment plus that of a few intrigued friends and family members.  But the warmth of its guitar tones and allure of melody made Sometime Tuesday Morning much more – it made the album a surprise hit.  After gigs Johnny began selling dozens, then hundreds, and eventually thousands of copies out of his car trunk.  The attention led to a re-release and distribution deal with Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label and an ever-widening circle of high-prestige gigs with the likes of B.B. King, Robert Cray, and Jeff Beck plus an appearance at Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads Guitar Festival” in 2004.

That success gave Johnny A. the confidence to assemble his second instrumental tour de force called Get Inside, another critically acclaimed album that traveled even deeper into the richness of guitar texture and melody.  The release once again garnered national radio airplay and inspired another round of touring commitments and personal appearances.  An instructional guitar DVD has followed plus plans for his newest project – a live CD/DVD featuring special guests and new material. Johnny A. is still doing what he loves to do the most – play guitar and create music, and he’s still getting better at it all the time.