Henry Borrero

Henry Borrero


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Guitar player, Composer, Producer, Arranger and Session Musician from Medellín Colombia.

Henry Borrero began playing the guitar at the age of 14, with more than 20 years of experience in music, Henry has treaded in many areas of this profession.

Henry Borrero is one of the founding members , Lead guitar player, composer, producer and backing singer of the current Project “Kuza Xué” a Heavy metal band that fuses this musical genre with Colombian folk music, with one musical album release, “Hasta el final” and working on new material right now. At the same time Borrero has a SOLO Project with his own name and had released his first album “Escenas”.

As a guitar player Borrero was the founding member and composer of the Trash metal band “Deimos” from Medellín, recording an EP and playing many shows in the city. Then, at the age of 18, through auditions and strong competition, he earned the spot as lead guitar player of the Colombian Heavy metal Band “Kraken”, the biggest and most influential band in Colombian rock history, and a true legend in the Latin American Metal scene. With Kraken, Borrero was the lead guitar player and co-composer of some songs of the Fifth Album of the band “Kraken V – El símbolo de la huella”, and played many shows and gigs.

After leaving Kraken at the age of 21, Borrero decided to quit his Engineering studies to enter the Music faculty and study Music as a career. During this time He had an active work as a session musician and recorded with many local and international artists like Bobby Cruz, Raquel Zozaya, Jerónimo, Alex de Castro, David Pabón, Nando Juglar, Pastor López, Junior Bombastik, Anabella, Viana, Karla, Karval, Diego León, Jesús “Chucho” Sierra, Oriana, FAES, Jhomer, Fernando González “y su combo Que Nota”, Patas Arriba, Cuarteto Clásico, Tropicombo, Combo de las Estrellas, Fernando Pabón y la Familia, Jimmy Sossa, Heberth Vargas and many others, and on occasion he was a side musician (guitar) in many of those projects and others. He has performed many music styles like, Rock, Metal, Colombian folk music, Latin music, Classical and Jazz.

As an educator Henry Borrero is an active music teacher at the “Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes” in Medellín and “Escuela Superior Tecnológica Débora Arango” in Envigado. In his own studio he teaches guitar lessons constantly and guitar clinics in his local area.

As a Producer and Arranger Henry Borrero owns his studio “Karbono Estudio” where he has worked with artists like Rafa Miranda, Iliana, Bagoo, Neural, Nefilim, Salida de emergencia, Patas Arriba, Androginia, Paulo, Andy Rodman, Kuza Xué, Presbítero Carlos Ospina, Templo Herido, Mocaccino Express, Hernan Mejía, Jusama, Amadeus (banda Rock), among many others, and offering many services like composition for audiovisual material like the Short film “Dócil” from “Ruido producciones”.

With this vast experience Henry Borrero as a professional likes the best to support his work. That´s why he is proud to be in the EMINENCE and LOVELL family.