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New Pro Audio Models for 2014

Eminence is proud to announce the following new additions to the Professional Series for 2014. See all of these new models at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show booth 4334 in Anaheim, CA, January 23-26.

Delta Pro 12-450A

Delta Pro 12-450AEminence takes the weight out, but leaves the performance in with the addition of a lighter weight version of their popular Delta Pro 12A, the Delta Pro 12-450A.

Utilizing a 56 oz. ferrite magnet, the 375 watt Delta Pro 12-450A is recommended as a woofer or mid/bass in vented enclosures, and also makes a perfect replacement in many portable PA cabinets. The Delta Pro 12-450A also features a 2.5” voice coil and a usable frequency range of 44 Hz to 4.0 kHz.

“For smaller PA cabinets, choosing the right loudspeaker will often come down to weight.” said Tom James, Eminence Product Design Manager. “While our popular Delta Pro 12 works well in many of these designs, we realized the 80 oz. magnet made the overall weight heavier than desired. The Delta Pro 12-450A still delivers exceptional performance, but with a significant weight savings.”

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Kappa Pro 10LF

Kappa Pro 10LFEminence’s Kappa Pro series reaches a new low with the Kappa Pro 10LF, a low frequency enhanced version of their popular Kappa Pro 10.

With the low frequency content of modern music demanding more from the low end than in the past, the Kappa Pro 10LF excels with its high-BL, strong twin-reinforced cone, and high excursion suspension. Its high power handling capability (600 watts continuous, 1200 watts music program power) and its parameter set allow it to work in very compact vented or horn loaded bass guitar or subwoofer enclosures.

“This 10” will help end users meet the demand for tons of low bass while taking up just a tiny amount of space.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. “The 105 oz. ceramic magnet allows it to offer these outstanding attributes at a very reasonable price point.”

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LA10850, LA12850 and LA15850

Eminence packs a lot of power into tight spaces with the addition of three high power, shallow cast frame Professional Series models designed to give you high output in tight fitting horn loaded applications.

LA10850At a mere 4.5” deep, the LA10850 is a 10” high power midrange driver featuring a 3” voice coil, powerful ceramic motor assembly, and inverted dust cap for close placement to phase plugs used in many horn loaded designs. Rated at 350 watts, the LA10850 can also be used in small conventional vented enclosures when you need a high power mid/bass driver, or in very compact sealed enclosures when a true high power midrange driver is needed.

LA12850Providing clean low mids and tight punchy bass, the 800 watt 12” LA12850’s shallow cast frame and T/S parameter set will allow it to work in ultra-compact vented systems and allow very tight packaging in line arrays or other systems where overall depth is limited. Measuring less than 5” deep, the LA12850’s super stiff paper cone is driven by a 4” voice coil and a powerful vented ceramic motor assembly. “The LA12850 can be horn loaded in designs without close fitting phase plugs as the LA12850’s cap is not inverted.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. “Not a problem for most modern bass horn designs.”

LA15850The LA15850 is Eminence’s most compact 15” cast frame Professional Series model. At only 5.5” deep, the LA15850 can also be used in small conventional vented enclosures when you need a great high power mid/bass driver.

“These LA models are the shallowest depth, high power models in our entire product line.” said McNutt. “They’re designed to help you fit it into very tight spaces like in line array boxes.”

Visit product pages: LA10850 | LA12850 | LA15850

Download PDF spec sheets: LA10850 | LA12850 | LA15850

Kappa Pro 15B

Our popular Kappa Pro 15 model is now available in 16 ohm, and is recommended for professional audio in a vented mid-bass or bass enclosure, and is also suitable for bass guitar.

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Kappa Pro 15LFC

A 4 ohm version of our Kappa Pro 15LF-2, the Kappa Pro 15LFC is a long throw, low frequency woofer recommended for pro audio in a vented bass enclosure.

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