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Employee Spotlight: Mayme Steinmetz

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"That woman worked me to death!!" This was a phrase that I heard uttered by a young man who was working along one of the greatest workers that Eminence Speaker has ever seen. He was describing how hard he was working while trying to keep up with Mayme Steinmetz. She is, without a doubt, one of the hardest workers I have ever had the privilege to work with.

I have a unique perspective as I have worked alongside Mayme in the Packing Department and Box Line. When I was an Assistant Supervisor in the packing department, Mayme was always giving 100%. She is a great example to the younger generation of workers coming in as well as those of us that have been here for a few years. I would put her work ethic up against any person I’ve ever met. Eminence is fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed worker.

Thomas Edison said, "There is no substitute for hard work." So by definition, there is no substitute for Mayme Steinmetz. I sat down and talked with Mayme exactly one day after her 23rd anniversary here at Eminence….without missing a day, I might add!

JM: Mayme, tell me about what you did before coming to Eminence Speaker?

MS: I worked at Brunswick for 12 years before they went on strike. But I didn’t cross the picket line to go back to work. Instead, I went to work at Electrowire in Shelbyville for a couple of years until I wound up working for AmToy. I was at their Shelbyville plant for 12 years also.

JM: So, how did you wind up here at Eminence?

MS: I met a lady during my time at AmToy that came to work here named, Jane Wilson. She got me to come over and talk to Eminence about a job. They hired me on the spot! But I told them I needed to give my two weeks’ notice at my other job. I went and talked with the plant manager and told them that I would be leaving.

JM: How did that news go over?

MS: He didn’t want me to go but he told me I always would have a job there if I ever needed it.

JM: So what has kept you here at Eminence for so much longer than the other places you’ve worked?

MS: Well, I came here because I was single at the time and there was more money to be made here at Eminence. The profit sharing program was very attractive. Now, I am looking at just a few more years before I retire. It’s nice to work this close to your home.

JM: Let’s change gears a little bit. With my own experience of working with you…..there are few folks that I could count on to work as hard and be as diligent with their tasks as you are. Anyone that has worked with you knows that you give it your all. What do you attribute that to?

MS: There are days that you feel bad and don’t want to come in. But I think that I have always had a high level of work ethic. It’s always meant a lot to me to be here on time and do the work I am given. When you are one of eleven kids in the family, you learn to work! Some folks have gotten mad at me over the years for not talking so much when I’m working. It’s nothing personal; it’s just that when I’m working, I’m working.

JM: What are some things you are most proud of or your favorite memory here?

MS: Making it for 23 years is something that I’m proud of. There are a lot of good memories in those years. When I started here, I worked on the Final Lines. I’ve worked a little bit of everywhere in here at some point from the Packing Line to the Press Room. I never did like the jobs where I have to sit all day. That is part of why I prefer the Packing Department; you are constantly moving around.

JM: What would you tell the younger folks that are coming into the workforce here?

MS: Some of the work is hard and some of it is not. The 4 day week work schedule is nice. It’s a good place to work. When we get good profit sharing, it makes it worthwhile. But mostly, I’d tell them to improve their work ethic. There are a lot of people out there but few who really want to work.

JM: Mayme, thank you for your service here and for taking the time today to sit and talk with me about it.

Josh Martin is the Technology Sales Manager at Eminence Speaker.